Frazer What We Offer

  1. Simple.
  2. Reliable.
  3. Smart.

Simple. Reliable. Smart.

Frazer DMS

Designed to serve as the hub of your dealership’s daily operations, the Frazer DMS features inventory management, sales processing, unlimited forms printing and customization, a full accounting suite and extensive reports, Integrations with over 200 industry partners, and much more. The Frazer DMS is used by over --,--- independent used car dealers and backed by free and unlimited world class customer support.

Hosted Frazer

Hosted Frazer is an online version of Frazer DMS enhanced to offer more accessibility and location independence. Your Hosted Frazer database is located on a secure remote cloud server managed and supported by Frazer. Simply click the Hosted Frazer Client icon on your PC desktop to launch Frazer, just like you’ve always done. Frazer at your Fingertips.


Featuring fully integrated electronic payment processing solution only available to dealers using the Frazer DMS, FrazerPay empowers your dealership to seamlessly process credit card, debit card and ACH transactions directly through Frazer.

Frazer Sidekick

The Frazer Sidekick Mobile App is designed to complement the Frazer DMS and enables users to view inventory listings, photos, pricing and other vehicle and inventory information. Vehicle photos can also be taken directly through the Sidekick app and automatically synced with Frazer DMS.

Automated Email Marketing

By now, everyone's heard of email marketing, right? Whether you're sending 1-to-1 emails to customers, or sending a monthly newsletter, everyone utilizes email marketing. Automated Email Marketing will replace your current solution with one that does all this and more.