The only auto finance provider you should ever need.

80% of NIADA dealerships don’t have F&I departments and are missing out on an enormous opportunity! Sign up and have immediate access to these finance companies:
  • Wells Fargo
  • Westlake
  • Gateway One
  • American National Bank
  • Automotive Acceptance
  • Veridian Credit Union
  • Security Auto Loans
  • Blue Ridge Bank & Trust

and more on the way!

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From Prime to Sub-Prime, Vantage handles all your financing needs!

No up-front costs! Vantage receives $199 per deal, conveniently deducting the fee from your funded amount only after the deal is booked - an incredible value for any dealership that doesn't have a fully dedicated F&I department.

Vantage sells all back-end products and shares half of the profits with you!

We know signing up is a lot of paperwork, but with Vantage you only do it ONCE and you are set with a host of finance companies.

There's no one like us!

We provide turn-key F&I services, online and over the phone. Vantage is a convenient & effective service which has been helping independent dealerships tackle the F&I world since 2011.
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