Release Notes

11-08-22 Ver. 3.5445
  • If you are using electronic payments in Frazer, and your merchant name needs to be different from your dealership name, we have a “Merchant Information” window where you can designate the name and contact info that appears on your receipts. It’s always been in Frazer; we just made it easier to find as its own tab in Electronic Payments Setup.
11-01-22 Ver. 3.5443
  • The Frazer forms in Minnesota and Pennsylvania were legally reviewed and updated. We do this for all state-specific forms every two years, so that you can print our forms free of charge and free of worry.
  • Released a beta version of a feature that will import deals into Frazer that you have worked out on the Mid-Atlantic Finance Company portal. Look for a wide release soon, or call us to try it out in beta!
10-25-22 Ver. 3.5441
  • Tiny little ghouls and goblins went around and took all of our candy this week. So we just made a few minor improvements while we stock our developers up with more sweets to keep them going!
10-18-22 Ver. 3.5439
  • Dear California, you have about a million different tax rates, but we’ve got you! Stay updated and keep those county and city tax rates accurate!
10-11-22 Ver. 3.5437
  • In Ohio, the Frazer Bill of Sale and Retail Installment contract forms have been legally reviewed and updated to their 9/22 revisions.
10-04-22 Ver. 3.5433
  • Vitu online registration is now available in Indiana!
  • What’s it been now, thirty years or so? Looks like email is not just a passing fad. So we’ve added the option to include email addresses on the Customer Listings report.
09-27-22 Ver. 3.5431
  • Hello Kentucky dealers! We have improved our tax calculations for you. Sales tax has its own field and will no longer be combined with the Motor Vehicle Usage tax. So your dealer service fees, service contracts, and anything else that is taxable can be charged separately from the vehicle price.
09-20-22 Ver. 3.5429
  • Good thing we bought that service contract! We got in touch with our Service Contract Provider to fix a broken Service Contractor Provider prompt message. If your system options are set to ask for a provider and you sell a service contract, we will now pop up a window asking you to select a provider.
09-13-22 Ver. 3.5427
  • The great state of Missouri has changed the way they would like their Electronic Sales file to be formatted. Please update your Frazer system to get the new format!
  • Save a plate, use a tag transfer! Before this update, the tag transfer option in Frazer was only available in a handful of states. We’ve done our homework and have now made it available to every state that allows license plate transfers.
09-07-22 Ver. 3.5425
  • MonroneyLabels, our premium window sticker offering, has been released in all states! Get the most accurate data about the features on your vehicles on these professional looking reproductions of the original factory window stickers!
  • Do you know how to check to see if your Windows operating system is running in Compatibility Mode for an older version, or even why you would care? For most people, the answer is no, so we have released a detection system that will alert you if it finds this setting and will offer to turn it off for you with a big “Fix it Now!” button.
08-30-22 Ver. 3.5423
  • Smiles are free, but great service sometimes requires more investment! The maximum dealer service fee in Washington has been raised from $150 to $200.
  • Important news for those of you who are uploading inventory directly from Frazer to AutoList! They are only going to accept uploads from CarGurus from now on, so please check out their new requirements. Frazer will continue to send the upload if it’s already set up, but at some point in the near future AutoList won’t accept it anymore.
  • In other inventory upload news, we’ve added “Retail Price” to the upload.
  • Today is the day! Windows 7, 8, and 10 Enterprise (10 Pro is fine) no longer have Windows support or updates, so we’ve been notifying you that we want to make sure your customer and business data are safely stored on a secure device. Frazer will no longer operate on computers with these unsupported Windows operating systems. Please give our support team some grace during this time as they assist your fellow dealers with moving their Frazer software to new computers.
08-23-22 Ver. 3.5417
  • Okay, you big shots! We have updated our Inventory Listings and our Inventory Valuation and Status reports to accommodate values of 100,000,000. We’re delighted to see that you are growing your business with Frazer!
08-16-22 Ver. 3.5413
  • If your favorite buttons are the ones that say “Payments” we have great news for you! We have re-vamped our Miscellaneous Receipts so that you now can process non-vehicle-related electronic payments with FrazerPay! Look for it in its usual spot under the Miscellaneous Menu, or in the Payments Hub. For those who use the Frazer accounting system, you will notice that these payments now post to the General Ledger under their own Journal.
08-09-22 Ver. 3.5409
  • Minnesota dealers may now raise their minimum late fee from $8.84 to $9.36. Doesn’t that sound weird, “minimum late fee?” It means that you’re charging a percentage of the payment as a late fee, usually 5%, but no less than the minimum late fee amount. Neat, right?
08-02-22 Ver. 3.5407
  • New reports for MonroneyLabels help you keep track of which inventory you’ve printed labels for, as well as how many you have purchased within a date range.
  • New York State residents may now designate an “X” for gender on their driver’s license. We’ve accommodated for this option on our customer information windows.
07-26-22 Ver. 3.5403
  • Kick those window stickers up a notch with MonroneyLabels! Proprietary VIN decoding gives you the most accurate features listing, sourced from the manufacturers. Professional grade appearance even has a scannable QR code for your more tech-savvy customers. Check it out on the Vehicles menu and the vehicle window in Frazer!
07-19-22 Ver. 3.5399
  • All that planting in the Spring and careful maintenance has paid off! No visible changes this week – lots of background work to make room for our newest feature – stay tuned! It was knee high by the Fourth of July so if the harvest looks good, we’ll be sharing it with you soon!
07-12-22 Ver. 3.5397
  • For our Missouri dealers who also sell RV’s – Allegro is now exported to your Electronic Sales Report file as a valid Make.
  • AutoTrader asked us to make a few changes to the way we send sales comments and features, so if you upload inventory from Frazer, run an update to be sure that everything displays correctly on your website.
07-06-22 Ver. 3.5395
  • Just a few touchups this week. Hammered out a ding here, buffed out a scratch there, checked the belts and topped off the fluids.
06-28-22 Ver. 3.5393
  • The state of Missouri now says, “Show me an E for Admin Fee!” on wholesales on the Electronic Sales Report. The “E” is for exempt, as the report does not take Admin Fee into account for wholesales. Done!
  • Inventory uploads to the Cox Automotive and O.V.E. websites have been updated to match changes on the vendor’s side. If you upload your inventory to these websites please update your Frazer software by August 31st to avoid disruptions to your service.
06-14-22 Ver. 3.5389
  • We see you, Minnesota! You may now use DLRdmv online registration and temp tags in Frazer.
  • Georgia dealers, you are always on our minds! We have improved the way we access vehicle values for TAVT and yes – if you use sales tax – we have those updates covered as well!
06-07-22 Ver. 3.5387
  • As July approaches, there are plenty of states and localities updating their tax rates. Please update your Frazer software to be sure you have these changes!
06-01-22 Ver. 3.5385
  • Microsoft has stopped maintaining Windows 7, 8 and Server 2008. It’s like when you stop changing the oil in a car. You can get away with it for a while, but it will eventually blow the engine. Be sure that your Frazer computers are all running on Windows 10 or higher to keep things running smoothly. We will be reminding those who need to upgrade with a pop-up message when they open Frazer.
05-24-22 Ver. 3.5381
  • Bring a covered dish to the housewarming party!
  • All the SiriusXM checkboxes and setup buttons have finally found a home! SiriusXM now has its very own button and window on the Integrations tab in System Options.
  • FrazerPay now has a home for all of its most useful features – and we are talking uptown style! If you use FrazerPay, look for the new “Payments” menu item on the main window. You’ll find access to customer payments due, recurring payments, online payments, and much more!
05-17-22 Ver. 3.5379
  • The New Feature seeds we’ve planted are sprouting! We tidied up the Sales tab of your Vehicle windows to make room for… well you’ll see. Stay tuned!
05-10-22 Ver. 3.5377
  • The Frazer Forms department has friends in high places – our legal eagles have completed their periodic review of the Frazer forms in Maryland and Indiana and the latest updates are in for the Retail Installment Contracts, Buyers Orders, Conditional Delivery, and Ride Sharing Prohibition Agreements.
  • Frazer Odometer statements have been in the software since before some of you were born. They have now been modernized so that you can preview them and print them to PDF!
05-03-22 Ver. 3.5375
  • Florida dealers who print the DR-95B Tax Credit for Repossessed Vehicles, please note! You may be doing this anyway, but written off vehicles must now have a repossession processed in Frazer in order to appear on the report.
04-26-22 Ver. 3.5373
  • They’re heeeeere! FrazerPay merchants may now set up a flat automatic convenience fee for one-time payments where the customer is not present. Look for the Convenience Fee button on your FrazerPay setup window!
04-20-22 Ver. 3.5371
  • As the April showers poured down, began construction of an ark to keep our servers dry.
04-12-22 Ver. 3.5369
  • The Frazer forms in Oklahoma have been updated per their regularly scheduled legal review.
  • Now, we’re not trying to be your mom, but Frazer cares about compliance. Newly entered electronic payment methods will now have the option to store the card or bank account for future use. This gives you an opportunity to make sure that your customer agrees to store that payment method “on file.”
04-05-22 Ver. 3.5365
  • Attention Illinois and Missouri dealers! Your Frazer forms have been updated per our regular legal review process.
  • One of the many sites that Frazer can send inventory to, 360VINSpin, has gone out of business, so we have removed their listing from the software.
03-29-22 Ver. 3.5363
  • It’s seed-planting time at Frazer Headquarters! We’ve cultivated our data tables to get ready for a bounty of valuable new features!
03-22-22 Ver. 3.5361
  • California dealers, we just got a monster wave of new tax rates that will go into effect on April 1st . Grab your update soon!
  • Tarrant County, Texas has informed us that they would now like their Inventory Tax files submitted in CSV format. We are pleased to oblige.
03-15-22 Ver. 3.5359
  • Ashland County, Wisconsin will have a $20 Wheel Tax starting on May 1st, 2022. Update now to be sure your system is ready!
  • Did you know you can create your own letters in Frazer and have them fill in names, vehicle info, dollar amounts, and more? We just added recurring fees (often used to add CPI to payments) to the available list of letter codes! If you haven’t tried it before, check out Letters and Labels under the Customers menu in Frazer.
03-09-22 Ver. 3.5355
  • Late fee defaults that you set in system options normally apply when you use our streamlined method to enter a purchased customer or a pre-existing sale, but until now, they did not always accommodate the way these fees can be structured in Tennessee. And now… it works just as smoooooooth as Tennessee whiskey!
03-01-22 Ver. 3.5349
  • Texas dealers – please update! We’ve updated your titling county selections to accommodate the new law that, as of March 1st 2022, allows you to designate not just “dealer” or “customer” county, but whichever county the vehicle will be titled in!
  • We rerouted power from the rear deflector shields to our integration server. This means you’ll be able to import leads faster and more efficiently from Dealer Car Search, Selly Automotive, and soon – 700 Credit!
  • Okay, you don’t have to keep it a secret anymore – FrazerPay Merchant Services, built and supported by Frazer, is ready for all Frazer subscribers! We’re here to make your life easier while saving you money on your electronic payment processing!
02-23-22 Ver. 3.5347
  • Gave Frazer a wash-n-wax to prepare for the next round of fresh new features.
02-15-22 Ver. 3.5343
  • In Pennsylvania, sales to customers from the county of Lackawanna dated on or after April 1, 2022 will include a $5 County Fee.
  • We went to the ‘wescue’ with Washington and West Virginia warranties, adding the option for Implied Warranty to WA and As Is to WV.
  • Are you importing your leads from Dealer Car Search yet? Well what are you waiting for - now they have credit application information attached!
02-09-22 Ver. 3.5341
  • FrazerPay is rocking out a fine selection of PIN debit terminals! Keep those card-present transactions secure, all while saving money on your payment processing!
02-08-22 Ver. 3.5339
  • Tennessee dealers may have noticed some problems connecting to EZDealerTag over the last week or so. Our people called their people and it is working once again.
  • Harris County, Texas has a new Inventory Declaration format for 2022 (2021 sales).
  • Frazer’s financing integration with UACC will now download and print exactly the forms you need for your UACC deals – what a time to be alive!
02-01-22 Ver. 3.5335
  • Chopped up several of our desks to keep the furnace going. It’s below zero up here in our Canton headquarters. Brr!
01-25-22 Ver. 3.5333
  • To comply with updated rules from the Show Me State, the Missouri Electronic Sales report will now indicate whether an admin fee was charged on the sale.
  • In Pennsylvania, the doc fee has a higher maximum, and we’ve removed the county fee for Luzerne county.
01-19-22 Ver. 3.5331
  • FrazerPay merchants may now opt to use an EMV card reader for card-present transactions. Stay tuned for more device options from FrazerPay!
01-11-22 Ver. 3.5329
  • For our dealers in Harris County, Texas: Updated to the latest version of the Yearly Inventory Tax statement.
  • In Massachusetts, we added a field for “Registration” to the Government Fees window.
01-04-22 Ver. 3.5325
  • Are you ready for a payment processing solution that is all Frazer, all the time? You asked, we listened, and it’s here. Give us a call if you’d like to check out the all new FrazerPay!
Winter Holiday 2021
  • We kept things in maintenance mode over the holidays. Be sure to update – many states and localities change their tax rates at the beginning of the year and the Frazer elves are on top of it!
11-02-21 Ver. 3.5303
  • For Sales S-7: Adds credit reporting first delinquency info to purchased accounts and the recourse buyback windows.
  • For C-7 PayMyCar: whenever a sale is canceled or deleted, deletes the attached PayMyCar account.
  • For R-3-6 Projected Collections, adds a window to select maximum number of days past due for an account to be included in the report. Changing the saved default for R-3-6 will also change it for R-3-3.
  • For MN: updates wheelage tax for 2022, affecting the counties Freeborn ($10 to $15), Mille Lacs ($10 to $20), and Redwood ($10 to $20).
  • For R-3-S Sales of Receivables, when no customers are in the given date range, the report header will explain this. Also, the R-3-S window will show sort by last name selected as its default if no selection was made previously.
  • For Recurring Fees C-B-4, updated report to include bad checks and other reversed transactions.
  • For WI: Increases Wheel Tax from $20 to $40 for Janesville starting January 1, 2022.
  • For CA: allows default OSF3 to show up even if the amount is $0, under the additional fees section.
10-12-21 Ver. 3.5295
  • On C-8 Finance Company Uploads, removed Right House Capital vendor.
  • On V-8 Vehicle Uploads, FirstLook/Max vendor: adds Sales/Internet Comments to the file upload.
  • On the Adjust Pricing window, for Wholesale deals, disables the Service Contract option.
  • For WI: updates wheel tax to include Port Edwards as of 01/01/2022. The wheel tax for Port Edwards is $35.
  • For Dealer Car Search inventory uploads and lead imports, enables real-time sync.
09-21-21 Ver. 3.5285
  • For AL: M-1-2, System Options, Sales Tab - Changes the age of consent to purchase a vehicle from 19 to 18.
09-14-21 Ver. 3.5283
  • For NY: Raises the Doc Fee in NY from $75 to $175
  • For GA: Adds CVR Direct Import option
  • Happy Labor Day!
08-31-21 Ver. 3.5279
  • A vehicle can now be floored without having any costs entered on the General tab.
  • For TX: BHPH dealers remitting sales tax on a deferred basis: adds a notation 'L' next to tax amount 1 on Sales Reporting, R-2-4: when running for deferred taxes in TX, when the line item is a final payment and the tax amount (and net taxable amount) is less than the standard calculation (due to late payments with SI sales).
  • V-8 Vehicle Uploads, DealerSync vendor, adds VideoURLs column to the upload files.
  • Customer Reporting, R-3-5-6: will now include a line for recurring fees written off
  • For WA: DMV Online, License Express vendor- the mileage sent will now be the mileage at the time of sale instead of the mileage listed on the vehicle.
08-24-21 Ver. 3.5275
  • For V-8 Vehicle Uploads, AutoClick vendor, adds OriginalCost and TotalCost columns to the upload files, at the request of the vendor.
  • When using SVR integration in Frazer to render a GPS map, the Long and Lat will be extended to 7 decimals for a more accurate GPS location.
08-17-21 Ver. 3.5273
  • This week was just too muggy! We did a nip here and a tuck there for maintenance, as well as some work on a top secret new feature. Shhh…
08-10-21 Ver. 3.5269
  • SiriusXM 3-month trials recently became available for all retail auto sales, and Frazer is serious about you and your customers’ privacy. We’ve added a reminder message so that your customers have a chance to decide whether to activate the trial or opt out. If you’re pretty sure that your customers would all enjoy some free satellite radio, you can turn that reminder off in Frazer System Options.
  • For OH: Who knows what tax changes lurk in the heart of the great Midwest? Well… someone here does! We’ve prepared for Paulding County, Ohio to reduce their tax from 7.25% to 6.75% on October 1st, 2021.
08-03-21 Ver. 3.5265
  • For NJ: We took a trip down the shore and integrated with, so now our New Jersey dealers can print temp tags right from Frazer!
  • Our new Finance Offers browse is sure to raise eyebrows! Now you can view multiple offers from multiple lenders for all of your prospects, all in one window. Look for it under the Sales menu, option K, “Finance This Deal Offers.”
  • Flushed transmission, inflated tires, and other process improvements.
07-27-21 Ver. 3.5259
  • For NY: What’s up, Doc Fee? Some states have a few different ways of referring to a doc fee. In New York state, we’ve added “Dealer Processing Fee” as an option to describe that doc fee on your forms. Check out System Options for all kinds of handy defaults!
  • If you report credit for your customers in Frazer, you may not ever need to use the “Special Comment Codes” window to manually add a code (as directed by the credit bureau you report to)… but just in case you do! We have all the comment codes, and we just added a new one called Debt Extinguishment (DE). Be sure to have your debt extinguisher examined regularly.
  • Cleaned carburetor, replaced spark plugs, and other process improvements.
07-20-21 Ver. 3.5257
  • How do our lawyers and forms programmers have a good time? They review and revise Frazer forms, of course! This week, several Texas forms were updated including the Retail Installment Contract, Bill of Sale, Conditional Delivery Agreement, and more.
  • Speaking of forms, many of them require the vehicle warranty these days, so we added a ‘set it and forget it’ default warranty option. There is also a new option on every vehicle file to choose your warranty, in case it differs from the default. And, just because we care so much, we added a reminder to the forms printing window in case you do happen to be printing for a vehicle whose warranty is missing.
  • Tested belts, tightened lug nuts, and other performance improvements
07-13-21 Ver. 3.5255
  • For WA: Frazer has been working hard to bring you more online DMV services. This week we are pleased to introduce License eXpress, a temp tag provider for the state of Washington.
06-29-21 Ver. 3.5253
  • On the west coast, the city tax rate in California will be updated for 104 cities.
  • Texting from Frazer – what a time to be alive! It is now smarter, stronger, faster!
06-22-21 Ver. 3.5251
  • When is a GPS Device also a Starter Interrupt? When you check the new box we’ve added to the vehicle file under GPS Device!
  • Frazer has a robust financing integration with United Auto Credit (UAC), so the inventory upload is no longer needed and has been removed. Look for UAC and our other financing partners when you use “Finance This Deal!“ on the sales window.
  • No stock number on your prospect’s trade-in yet? No problem! You can now save that prospect anyway, as long as you do add a stock number before completing the sale.
  • Who edited that CPI/Recurring fee? Stop the interrogations – we’ve added more audit trail logging to help solve the mystery.
  • The Arkansas Time Traveler has informed us about the past and the future of Arkansas. In June of 2020 a decision was reversed that had to do with late fees, so we removed a now unnecessary warning that appears when printing a contract. Also, sales tax will add a third tier for vehicles priced between $4,000 and $10,000 in January 2022. Frazer is prepared for the future.
  • Our wizards worked behind the scenes to improve the performance of forms and receipt printing.
06-08-21 Ver. 3.5249
  • Updated EULA, prompts user to confirm reading.
06-02-21 Ver. 3.5245
  • JD Power and KBB values Bookout sheets can now be pulled for a date in the past.
  • For FL: FZ-FL-RIC has been updated. Released Bill of Sale (45205), Conditional Delivery Agreement (64323), and Ride-Sharing Prohibition Addendum (68803).
  • System Options M-1-5, added radio buttons with more choices for when to display invalid VIN warnings.
  • Transaction Totals R-3-4, Includes both Recurring Fees Paid and Recurring Fees Added.
  • For IN: Enables Premier EVR (DDI).
05-18-21 Ver. 3.5235
  • For NH: Renamed "doc fee" to "Documentary Fee", and allows charging an "Administrative Fee" as part of the vehicle price.
  • Added ability to delete paid recurring fees, as they could be paid before being added to Frazer.
  • Added Engine, Transmission, Make, Model and Trim to the end of the Auto Financial Group upload for all dealers.
  • For TX: Taxes M-1-3, the "Manage Inventory Tax Rates by Location Codes" button will now give the dealer the option to enter in the Appraisal District Account number.
  • Service Contract Providers S-C, will open a window where they can be set to inactive. A new vendor category was created for them, and they can be managed from V-5 Vendors.
05-11-21 Ver. 3.5233
  • Vehicle Uploads V-8, Removes iMagicLab upload options.
  • For MN: In DMV Online, enables DDI Premier EVR, integrated with the MNDrives system.
  • Vehicle Uploads V-8, Vast vendor, adds `lot_id` column to the file upload, which will be used for Location Codes.
05-04-21 Ver. 3.5229
  • System Options M-1-6, added an option to enable/disable the "auto-send form packs to finance company" pop-up.
  • For MN: Adds Dealertrack button under Online Registration to submit to MNDRives.
  • Vehicle Uploads V-8, HomeNet vendor sends the MSRP in the upload file or leaves the field blank if no MSRP is listed.
  • Price List R-1-1, added dealership's contact information to the print-out so it can be shared with potential customers.
04-20-21 Ver. 3.5225
  • Vehicle Uploads V-8, starting 5/1/21: LotBrowser will be disabled; all dealers who have actively used the upload recently have been contacted directly.
  • For PA: Updated APR calculations to match a PA-specific financing rule.
04-13-21 Ver. 3.5223
  • Print Manual Postings A-2-P, added option to sort by either 'Date Entered' or 'Transaction Date', also added 'Date Entered' column to the report.
  • Added Wright-Patt Credit Union Contract, a new pay-per-printing subscription licensed through Reynolds & Reynolds.
  • Inventory Uploads V-8, added new vendor Automotive Reinsurance Concepts (ARC) for inventory and sales.
  • Enter Sales S-1, added a Delivery Date field.
  • For AL: Dealers who switch a customer's state from AL to GA will now have a message display informing them that the tax rate has been updated to match the customer's state.
  • Financing Providers S-J-3(Mid-Atlantic), tabs have been renamed to "Outside Financing Setup" and "BHPH Setup" (from "Information and Setup" and "Sell Accounts").
  • For MN: added 'Vitu' to Online 'Registration providers' in DMV Online.
03-30-21 Ver. 3.5211
  • Import Vehicles V-A, when importing inventory and printing forms, the odometer reading will now be set to "Actual" and the fuel type will be set to "Gas" if not specified.
  • Lien Holder Analysis R-2-9, added two new options for: 'cash sales with lienholders' , and 'run both the OF and Cash reports simultaneously'.
03-23-21 Ver. 3.5205
  • For MS & UT: The system option to default vehicle mileage to be exempt will only apply to vehicles 20 years old or older.
  • Vehicle Upload v-8, added new vendor 'Tesla Navigator'.
  • Sales 2 M-1-2, The max sales tax credit option is now available to Oh dealers in M-1-2 Customization.
  • For FL: Hillsborough County tax rate will reduce 1%.
  • Transaction History Print Listing C-1-F-P, Now includes a separate column for Recurring Fees, which is included in the Total Payments Received row in the summary, and any remaining balance is included in the Balance section at the bottom.
  • For CA: updated sales tax rates for 119 counties on 4/1/21.
  • Submit Support Requests H-5-S, added a cancel button.
  • Customer Activity C-1-B-A-Misc, added GPS Serial/ID # field for CallPass.
03-16-21 Ver. 3.5203
  • Vehicles M-1-5, added 'Display vehicle special message when opening a prospect' option.
  • Payments M-1-4, added a helper button for applying overpayments to recurring fees.
  • Added SID/GPS checkboxes to Inventory, Sales, and Customer Activity.
  • Integrations M-1-10-GPS, added system option to default the SID checkbox to be checked whenever a device is added to a vehicle.
  • Inventory Uploads V-8, added column for dealer email address to ProMotiveCar file upload.
  • Inventory Uploads V-8, added a 'Print Listing' button for a new 'Specific Upload Listing' report, V-8-Vendor-P.
  • Inventory Uploads V-8, Title Status column to GoxeeDealer upload with values "Salvage" "Clean" or "Branded".
  • For CA: updated the default registration fee for new systems to $0.
  • For OR: added County Fee to government fee itemization.
  • Updated customer special message to allow up to 1000 characters.
  • Customer Activity C-1, added "Outstanding [Recurring Fee Type] Balance" line to receipts; when a customer has no outstanding recurring fees, this line will not appear.
03-09-21 Ver. 3.5199
  • Create or Change Letters C-2-2, added a scroll bar for when there is more content available than is visible.
  • For PA: Updated the max Doc Fee to $328 for manual submissions and $394 for online registrations.
  • Special Tax Report R-2-6, Trade-in Report default start date set to the appropriate beginning of the quarter, instead of a future date.
  • Export Data M-8, increased the Total Cash Price (Sales 2 tab) displayed from 5 to 6 digits before the decimal.
  • When adding a recurring fee such as CPI to a completed sale set up with recurring payments, Frazer will add the recurring fee to the existing recurring payment and print a new authorization form for the customer to sign.
  • For TN: Sales Tax Report R-2-4, updates classic and updated summary to match revisions to the state's SLS450 form.
  • Added a button to the pop up message when completing a sale with an open floor plan to go to M-1-5 Vehicles to disable the message.
  • Added a pop up button to go directly to Dealership Information M-1-9 if the dealer EIN is missing when printing 1099's/1096's.
03-02-21 Ver. 3.5197
  • For PA: Added $5 county fee to sales where customer is from Lawrence County PA starting 4/1/21.
  • A warning will show for Dealertrack users if buyer or cobuyer is a resident of Wisconsin.
  • For TX: Sales Reporting, R-2-6 Special Tax Report, Updated format of phone numbers on TX inventory tax form, both in window as well as on physical form.
02-23-21 Ver. 3.5193
  • EzDealerTag will now pull home, cell, or work phone numbers based on which is entered. Will also pull home, cell, or work of cobuyer
  • Export Data M-8-F, added Recurring Fee column.
  • Added an option to limit uploaded vehicles for AutoList.
  • For MN: Updated registration tax link to direct to new site.
  • GL Posts for ACHs added via Accounting A-A will now have the reference display on the Accounting Reports R-4-3 and R-4-2
  • For NJ: Changed wording choices on System Options M-1-1 to Documentary Fee or Documentary Service Fee. Both new and existing systems will default to Documentary Service Fee.
  • For OH: Updated county tax rates on 4/1/21 (Athens County from 7 to 7.25, and Lorain County from 6.75 to 6.50).
02-16-21 Ver. 3.5191
  • Recurring Charge Payments Report C-B-4, added Total and Average.
  • Customer Listings Report R-3-3-2, Customers who have a recurring charge added but have no active charges will show on the report.
  • Customer Listings Report R-3-3-2, adds a recurring charges column for styles A/B (non-OF customers) regardless of whether extra interest is checked.
  • Change or Delete Transactions C-1-B-B, adds a warning message when deleting a payment if the GL closing date is the same as the transaction date, and records today's date rather than the transaction date.
  • For FL: added FL HSMV button to the Vehicle screen, which will copy the VIN to clipboard for pasting on the FLHSMV site.
  • Added option to pull Credit Report for co-buyer only.
02-09-21 Ver. 3.5187
  • Added a new system option to Miscellaneous Receipts M-1-5 for using the last six of the VIN to fill in the stock# on a vehicle. This option is implemented in Inventory on the Vehicle, Write-offs, and Trades.
  • Inventory Uploads V-8, HomeNet vendor: ensures the upload file goes to the correct folder.
  • Inventory Uploads V-8, added new vendor- Sensible Auto Finance.
02-02-21 Ver. 3.5183
  • The Harris County,TX inventory tax form PDF has now been updated to the 2021 version.
  • Dealers will no longer be able to create identical duplicate Recurring fees.
  • Days to Lot Report R-1-J now displays vehicles with future Ready to Sell dates.
  • Inventory Uploads V-8, added four fields in upload file of Credit Acceptance: Certified, MPG Hwy, and separates Features and Photo URLs.
  • UACC credit applications can now be resubmitted.
  • Inventory Uploads V-8, upload files: clicking on photo URLs displays photos in a browser, instead of attempting to download the photos.
  • For Lakewood, CO only: On Sales Tax Report R-2-4, identifies amounts on the report that are taxable specifically by the dealer's city tax law with a double dagger symbol.
01-26-21 Ver. 3.5179
  • The Selly Automotive integration is now available for all Frazer dealers.
  • The maximum doc fee in West Virginia has been increased to $499.
  • The doc fee can now be locked in through System Options M-1-1, so that it cannot be changed at the time of sale.
  • Frazer now checks the vehicle Stock Number and VIN when importing, to help users avoid duplicating inventory.
01-19-21 Ver. 3.5175
  • Sales tax rates for Ohio Portage County has been updated from 7.75% to 7%.
  • Updated 2021 Market Values for GA TAVT.
  • New Kentucky systems will have a default $9 Title Fee.
  • Added new Recurring Fees to the FEES column of the Transaction Listing report R-3-5.
  • Updated pending Illinois max APR rules, ready for when change goes into effect.
01-12-21 Ver. 3.5171
  • Added the option to save more than 5 default files in Export Data M-8.
  • Updated the Frazer Retail Installment Contract for Arkansas.
  • Updated the Frazer Retail Installment Contract for South Carolina.
01-05-21 Ver. 3.5167
  • Added option to default Chart of Accounts Lookup by Description.
  • Recurring Fees can now begin as early as the Sale Date.
  • Recurring Fees can no longer be deleted once paid, even partially.
12-29-20 Ver. 3.5165
  • Made some slight changes to the password system.
12-22-20 Ver. 3.5163
  • Updated Wisconsin Buyer's Guide.
  • Wheel tax in the city of Milwaukee will change from $20 to $30, effective 02/01/21.
  • Updated the Frazer Retail Installment Contract for Arizona.
  • Changed the way Forgive Payments post to the General Ledger.
  • Added a new permission to the password system for "Access Deficiency and Other Receivables".
  • The password system is now required to use credit report Soft Pulls.
  • Added Recurring Fee options to Export Data M-8.
11-17-20 Ver. 3.5155
  • Added the ability to itemize the NJ Dealer Service Fee through System Options.
  • Added the ability to save forms in a different order with each Form Pack.
  • Added separate browse option for Leads from MyNextRide and Selly.
  • Added ability to browse Leads by vehicle.
11-10-20 Ver. 3.5153
  • Updated some language on the Retail Installment Contracts for Arkansas and Washington.
  • Updated Virginia Warranty Tax.
  • Added ability to enter Recurring Charges or CPI to customer accounts.
11-03-20 Ver. 3.5147
  • REPAY users can now import payments from payment kiosks.
10-27-20 Ver. 3.5145
  • PayMyCar is now available to all dealers using OpenEdge payment processing.
  • Added a Colorado System Option to choose the default tax form.
  • Added a Colorado Home Rule tax checkbox.
  • Frazer will now print either the Georgia Simple Interest or Precomputed version of the Retail Installment Contract, whichever is appropriate.
  • Added CallPass GPS provider.
  • Added the option to use Credco Soft Pull.
  • One-time vendors can now be retrieved for 1099s or reuse.
10-20-20 Ver. 3.5143
  • Added MSRP to the Dealer Car Search inventory upload.
  • Added Advantage GPS to our list of GPS Providers.
10-13-20 Ver. 3.5141
  • Added Dealer Addendums to the list of vehicle uploads.
  • Added TRG Auto Finance to the list of Finance Company Uploads.
10-06-20 Ver. 3.5139
  • Added VIN to the Car Financial upload file.
  • Added Sensible Auto Finance to Finance Company Uploads C-8.
  • Added the ability to change Optional Sales Fee descriptions when adding a pre-existing customer.
  • Updated Frazer's Retail Installment Contracts for California and Virginia.
09-29-20 Ver. 3.5137
  • Added official vehicle color dropdown menu for New Jersey dealers.
  • Added 1 Click Auto Auction to the inventory uploads screen.
  • Added the option to upload only selected vehicles, rather than all, to Inventory Command Center.
  • Check For Recalls has improved- we now copy over the VIN automatically.
09-22-20 Ver. 3.5135
  • Updated the Bill of Sale for Hawaii.
  • Added a Leads button to the sales screen for Selly CRM users.
  • Added AutoDataDirect ELT integration for dealers in AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IA, KS, LA, MD, MA, NE, NV, NY, NC, OH, PA, SD, TX, VA, WA, and WI.
09-15-20 Ver. 3.5133
  • Added the ability to print a custom return address on envelopes.
  • Added the ability to print the down payment as an amount due on the Wholesale Bill of Sale.

  • Updated the Texting integration icon in Frazer.
09-09-20 Ver. 3.5131
  • Changed Nevada default sales tax rate for new systems to match the rate set by the county in which the dealership is located.
  • Added "Effective APR' to the Trac Finance C-8 upload.
  • Released a new form subscription option in Ohio for the Seller Assisted Loan form.
  • Added the Market Value field to the Datacube vehicle upload.
  • Added a column to the Back End Sales Listings Report R-2-3 for Reserve/Participation Income.
09-01-20 Ver. 3.5129
  • Added the ability to upload vehicles to Capital One.
  • Added MSRP to the Data Cube vehicle upload.
08-25-20 Ver. 3.5123
  • Added the option to remove the California Contract Cancelation Option fee, if the customer opts out.
  • Added the Rapid Recon vehicle upload.
  • Added the ability to change the name of the Metro2 file when reporting credit.
08-18-20 Ver. 3.5121
  • Updated MO RIC to account for new TILA exemption threshold.
  • Added ability to set Custom Vehicle Uploads to use SFTP.
08-11-20 Ver. 3.5117
  • Added a System Option for Indiana dealers to allow prepaid finance charges on BHPH deals.
  • Connecticut dealers may now print the state-required Quarterly Trade-In report from Frazer R-2-6.
  • Updated Bills of Sale for Alaska, Connecticut, and Wyoming.
  • Replaced Utah Arbitration Agreement #69305 with Frazer's Arbitration Agreement #4221.
  • Updated odometer disclosure exemptions, effective 01/01/2021.
  • Frazer will now automatically print a Consignment Bill of Sale instead of a regular BoS if a vehicle's source is marked as "consignment".
  • Added the ability to print the Past Due Report, including General Contact Activity, for the past number of days OR the past number of entries.
  • DMV Online is now available for prospects as well as customers.
08-04-20 Ver. 3.5111
  • Updated Frazer's Alabama Retail Installment Contract.
  • Updated Frazer's Colorado Retail Installment Contract.
  • Added a link to the TX Comptroller's website from the Sales Tax report dialog R-2-4.
  • Added am "arrival date" field to the sales tab of the Vehicle file.
  • Added more filtering options to the Insurance Report R-3-8.

  • Hosted users can now schedule software updates to be performed overnight.
  • Added Loan-to-Value Calculator to the vehicle valuation screen.
07-28-20 Ver. 3.5109
  • Added Rhode Island's taxable Title Preparation Fee to the Government Fees box. An audit file entry will be logged if this fee is changed to be more than $20.
07-21-20 Ver. 3.5107
  • The Mid-Atlantic Form Pack will now be automatically available to Arkansas dealers who use the MAF integration.
  • Changed the Outside Finance "Final payment for the contract/reserve" checkboxes to not include pickup notes or other fees.
07-14-20 Ver. 3.5101
  • Changed default North Carolina Title Fee to $56 for new systems.
  • We now allow Indiana systems to override the maximum prepaid finance charge amount, for sales done with Ohio-based lien holders.
  • Changed the default amount the dealer agrees to pay to $2500 on the Arbitration Agreement.
  • Added the option to include sales-related costs when calculating profit on the Vehicle Profitability Report R-2-8.
  • Added texting activity to the General Contact Activity option on the Past Due Listing R-3-1-3.
  • We now create an audit trail entry when a user sends or deletes a batch text message.
  • Purchased Accounts that have been imported from another Frazer system will now be purchased with g/l account 2004, rather than 1010.
07-07-20 Ver. 3.5097
  • Changed name of TX form #71702 Itemization of Down Payment to "Sales Tax Disclosure"
  • Made improvements to photo uploads.
  • Added a System Option to include (or not) the finance reserve in the "Show Profit" sales window button.
  • Added a tab for Credit Application info on Export Data M-8.
06-30-20 Ver. 3.5091
  • Updated the Enter Sales window so that sales integrations are accessible from every tab.
  • The Texas Down Payment Itemization options on Export Data M-8 can now be filtered by Location Code, Customer Rating, and Customer Grouping.
  • Indiana has introduced a maximum Prepaid Finance Charge, based on the amount to finance of the vehicle.
  • Changed the default date of Bad Check Fees to match the date of the bounced check, rather than the date entered.
  • Removed the System Option to check for active military duty, as the interpretation of the law relating to the sales of GAP and other credit-related products was changed by the Dept. of Defense.
06-23-20 Ver. 3.5085
  • Indiana law no longer allows precomputed interest, effective 7/1/20.
  • Added system option in Texas to choose when to print the Down Payment Itemization.
  • Updated NADA pricing.
  • Added audit file entry when a customer is marked as consenting to receive marketing texts.
  • Credit application will now transfer when retrieving a previous co-buyer into a new sale.
06-16-20 Ver. 3.5083
  • Mid-Atlantic Finance integration now available in Arkansas.
  • Updated general ledger description for ACH payments entered.
  • Added an option to the password system to change deposit dates.
  • Added the ability to sort the Added Cost Listing by repair ticket #.
06-09-20 Ver. 3.5079
  • Released updated white paper Retail Installment Contract for Kentucky and Michigan.
  • Added asterisk notation to Florida Sales Tax report to indicate donations to the Hope Scholarship program.
  • Updated California city and regional sales tax rates, effective 7/1/20.
  • Added a Sale Delivery Date field to the vehicle screen.
  • NADA users can now print for all vehicle conditions at once.
06-02-20 Ver. 3.5077
  • Added a system option for Minimum Finance Charge in Indiana.
  • Updated minimum late fee in Michigan to $8.84, effective 7/1/20. Late fees will no longer be allowed for Simple Interest BHPH deals.
  • Updated maximum late fee in Oklahoma to $26.50, effective 7/1/20.
  • Updated minimum late fee in South Carolina to $8.40, and the maximum late fee to $24, effective 7/1/20.

  • Added field for Drivers License # to the Previous Owner tab in Michigan, which will print in the Police Book R-2-6.
  • Added some new changes to system options to the Audit File.
  • We have added Deposit as a down payment type for cash sales on the Transaction Listing for Down Payments R-3-5-8.
  • Changed the Past Due Report R-3-1 to only print Outside Finance customers if they owe a pick-up note.
  • Added a "Select/deselect all" button to the Review Open Bills screen A-B.
  • Added a popup to bookout sheets, allowing users to select which values should print.
05-27-20 Ver. 3.5073
  • Released Fetch! insurance integration for dealers in Iowa.
  • Released updated Iowa Retail Installment Contract.
  • Updated sales tax rate in Clinton County, OH to 7.25%.
  • Added option to the Transaction Listing R-3-5-F to only include Paused Payments.
  • Increased the field for check numbers to 20 characters.
05-12-20 Ver. 3.5067
  • Texas dealers may now access the first and last printed dates of the Down Payment Itemization report.
  • Added the ability on the TX Inventory Tax Report R-2-6 to pull the business address from the General Report Information button on the screen, rather than the business address we have on file.
  • Frazer will now send a transaction detail file automatically with uploads to Spartan Financial in C-8.
  • Audit file now tracks changes to Lot Fee, both in System Options and on individual vehicles.
  • Added option to export "# of Previous Owners" in M-8 (only for Carfax users)
  • Added a field for cylinders to Dealer Solutions upload V-8.
05-05-20 Ver. 3.5061
  • Review Changes to Cash in Bank report A-C may now be filtered for only one-time vendors.
  • CarGigi vehicle upload has rebranded to eBay Motors.
  • The Open Floor Plan report R-1-5-A now has the option to print totals only.
04-28-20 Ver. 3.5057
  • Added Datalinx as a credit reporting integration partner.
04-21-20 Ver. 3.5053
  • Released Sale of Receivables Import/Export feature.
  • Added a prompt for Electric Vehicle Tax Credit on Hybrid vehicle types in Washington.
  • Added Owner Verification Portal to System Options M-1-9.
04-14-20 Ver. 3.5049
  • Added WV Car Trader inventory upload for dealers in WV, KY, PA, OH, VA, & MD.
  • Increased character limit of vehicle Features to 2000.
04-08-20 Ver. 3.5045
  • Released Pause Payments feature.
04-07-20 Ver. 3.5043
  • Frazer will no longer assess late fees on the final scheduled payment of a Wisconsin simple interest installment contract.
  • Added the option to limit uploads to to selected vehicles.
  • NADA and Blackbook value guides are now available to dealers in Ohio, Alabama, Georgia, and Illinois. These integrations will be released to remaining states on June 1, 2020.
03-31-20 Ver. 3.5041
  • Updated the Pennsylvania Retail Installment Contract per Hudson Cook’s biennial legal review.
  • Added ability to filter batch texts by Customer Rating.
03-24-20 Ver. 3.5039
  • Updated vehicle value guide integration interfaces.
  • Added Texas Dealer Solutions to Upload to Finance Companies C-8.
  • Added system option for Michigan and Illinois dealers to enable the state's default "Max Tax Credit" for trade-ins.
  • Added "Weight" to Vehicle Requirement options in System Options M-1-5.
  • Changed Maryland default max APR to 24%.
03-17-20 Ver. 3.5033
  • Enabled field in "Review Taxes" window in ND systems to indicate when there is a total loss tax credit.
  • Updated "Days to Lot" report R-1-J.
  • Added highlighted prompt to select trim level in bookout sheets, when multiple trim levels are available.
  • Added a checkbox to Lien Holder files S-5 to enable ride sharing prohibition language when printing the Retail Installment Contract.
  • Added system option M-1-6 in Ohio to enable ride sharing prohibition language when printing the Retail Installment Contract.
  • Updated GA TAVT from 6.6% to 7%, effective 2023.
03-10-20 Ver. 3.5029
  • Added service contract tax to Florida sales tax report (out of state sales).
  • Masking Social Security numbers entered into the Pre-Existing Customer screen.
  • Added special System Option for MI dealers which allows them to auto-calculate the title fee based on whether or not the deal is financed.
03-03-20 Ver. 3.5027
  • Set new Wheel Tax for Sauk City and Baraboo County, effective 5/1/20.
  • Added Doc Fee itemization to the Florida Retail Installment Contract.
  • Updated Frazer Retail Installment Contract for Ohio.
  • Updated Frazer Retail Installment Contract for Minnesota, and added new Ride-Sharing Prohibition form.
  • Added MSRP to the Custom Uploads window.
  • Added a log to the Audit Trail when a user checks or unchecks the “Upload…” box on the Sales tab of the Vehicle file.
02-25-20 Ver. 3.5019
  • Added the “Select Which Vehicles to Upload” feature to
  • Added to our vehicle uploads
02-18-20 Ver. 3.5017
  • Added a checkbox to the Low Balances and Paid Out report (R-3-E) to skip accounts with a zero balance.
  • Added the “Body Type” field to Custom Vehicle Uploads.
  • We now log audit trail entries when a user deletes or modifies a vehicle added cost.
  • Added a Retail Installment Contract for Reliable Credit in Washington.
02-11-20 Ver. 3.5013
  • Updated Clinton County tax from 6.75% to 7.25%.
  • Removed maximum restriction from California’s Electronic Filing Fee.
  • For certified Buy Here Pay Here dealers, we now look up the book value of every vehicle, if possible, when it is entered into inventory.
  • Vehicles that are stocked in by a write-off or a trade will have their default down payment automatically populated with the amount in Vehicle Options (M-1-5).
  • Updated Credco pricing PDF.
  • Updated the Max amounts that Oklahoma dealers can charge their tiered APR's on. Any sales between July 1st 2018 to July 1st 2019, the max amounts is $1530 for the first portion (30%) and $5100 for the second portion (21%). Any sales after July 1st 2019 the max amounts are $1560 and $5200.
  • Added late fee messages in LA, NE, OR, UT and MO that prevent the user from printing the Frazer Contract if late fee settings don't match those of the contract.
02-04-20 Ver. 3.5009
  • Added new forms for Maryland: Retail Installment Contract, Conditional Delivery Agreement, and Ride Sharing Prohibition.
  • Added Hemmings as an option for Inventory Uploads V-8.
  • Added MPG to the DealerFire inventory feed.
01-28-20 Ver. 3.5007
  • Added General Contact Activity to Prospect Report R-2-I.
01-21-20 Ver. 3.5001
  • Added Title Date field.
  • Added option for Florida dealers to break down the Predelivery Service Fee and Electronic Registration Fee.
  • Added a checkbox to upload more than the standard 32 photos to
  • Added Wheelage Tax to Madison, WI starting in February, and Dunn County in April.
  • Added a checkbox to the Customer tab to indicate if the sale was conducted in Spanish.
  • Updates to old Bills of Sale and Retail Installment Contracts.
01-14-20 Ver. 3.4997
  • Removed the $30 minimum tax for out of state sales in West Virginia.
  • Added silver and gold to the list of acceptable vehicle colors for the Massachusetts Title Application.
  • Odometer Statements and Buyers Guides will not print a 4-digit year.
  • Updated maximum Pennsylvania document fee to $324 ($389 if the doc fee includes an online registration product).
  • Added Special Message as an exportable field in M-8 Export Data.
  • Updated Minnesota county Wheelage Taxes- $10 Big Stone, $15 Carlton, $20 Hennepin, $0 Mcleod, and $20 Pope.
01-07-20 Ver. 3.4995
  • Raised the maximum doc fee in Rhode Island from $200 to $400.
  • Raised the minimum vehicle price required to charge a doc fee in Rhode Island from $7,500 to $10,000.
01-03-20 Ver. 3.4991
  • Removed the trade-in cap of $10,000 for "Second Division" vehicles in Illinois.
  • Updated Georgia's TAVT to include taxable sales fees in the taxable amount on forms.
  • Raised limit of Pheonix municipal tax rate (rate 2) to apply to the first $10,968 of the vehicle price.
12-31-19 Ver. 3.4889
  • Added Green Light Auto Inspections inventory upload.
  • Released updated Retail Installment Contracts in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Indiana.
12-26-19 Ver. 3.4887
  • Added a 1099 Listing to the Accounting reports menu.
  • Added a link to the Utah property registration fee calculator.
  • Updated the link to the Minnesota registration fee site.
  • Added Co-Buyer and out of state info to ALTS system in Alabama.
  • Added MSRP field to AutoUplink inventory upload.
  • Added option to upload vehicles to Dealer Solutions by Location Code.
12-17-19 Ver. 3.4883
  • Oregon registration fees are now based on miles per gallon fuel efficiency of the vehicle.
  • Added a registration fee for hybrid and electric vehicles in Wisconsin.
  • Added changes to customer Social Security Numbers to audit file reporting.
  • Added ability to submit a deal to Mid-Atlantic Finance with no vehicle price or payment schedule.
12-11-19 Ver. 3.4881
  • Added "Tax Base" column for Georgia TAVT.
  • Added "Sale Type" column with values BHPH, WHLSL, CASH, OF for Georgia TAVT.
  • Ensured that TAVT rates will update automatically starting 1/1/20.
12-10-19 Ver. 3.4873
  • Removed maximum limit on Minnesota's Vehicle Excise Tax.
  • Changed West Virginia's Privilege Tax (tax rate 1) to a minimum of $30.
  • Added “MSRP” to the customization options on the Price List report (R-1-1).
  • Added option to Export Data (M-8) to send export file to Subprime Analytics.
  • Added NIADA 20 Group report (R-2-T).
  • Added Days to Lot report (R-1-J).
12-05-19 Ver. 3.4873
  • Removed Alabama ETAPS link and deprecated old ALTS, redirecting to new ALTS system.
12-03-19 Ver. 3.4871
  • Removed the maximum on Rhode Island Temp Plate Fees.
11-26-19 Ver. 3.4867
  • For reporting credit, the Date of First Delinquency has been recalculated to 30 days after the due date of the first missed payment.
  • Set Illinois maximum trade-in credit to $10,000, starting 1/1/2020.
11-19-19 Ver. 3.4863
  • Updated the Illinois Retail Installment Contract and Bill of Sale.
  • Changed mileage exemption status checking to use new ruling from NHTSA/DoT: vehicles with a model year of 2010 or later are exempt if the sale is done 20 years after the vehicle's model year, and vehicles with a model year of 2009 or earlier are exempt if the sale is done 10 years after the vehicle's model year.
  • Added John Deere as a valid Make for the Missouri Electronic Sales Report.
  • Added the ability to print envelopes from the Lien Holder file S-5.
11-12-29-19 Ver. 3.4861
  • Dealers may now choose cashiers checks as a bad check, rather than having to input the check and its payment breakdown manually.
  • Set maximum Bad Check Fee in North Carolina to $35.
  • Added a vertical scrollbar to the window that shows incoming texts.
  • The Maine Temp Tag Report (R-2-E) will now include voided temp tags.
11-05-29-19 Ver. 3.4859
  • Added the option to change the insurance deductible amount in System Options and on individual Lien Holders. The insurance deductibles will print on all of our wp Retail Installment Contracts going forward.
  • Updated the Metro2 file reported to credit bureaus to report the date of when a repossessed vehicle is resold and the account is closed out.
10-29-19 Ver. 3.4855
  • Updated Kansas Retail Installment Contract to properly itemize "Government Certificate of Title Fees (P. 2 Line g.)".
  • Added Down Payment, Retail Price, VDP URL, and Video URL fields to DataCube inventory upload.
  • Added ACH beta support to OpenEdge's Hostpay system.
  • Added 'MSRP' to Export Data (M-8).
10-22-19 Ver. 3.4853
  • Released new white paper Utah Retail Installment Contract.
  • Added a warning about prepaid finance charges for OR and NE dealers.
  • Updated prepaid finance charge warnings and law links in KY, MN, and PA.
  • Added ability to print ITINs in the SSN field of IRS form 8300.
10-15-19 Ver. 3.4851
  • Increased CarsForSale Vehicle Import limit to over 1800 cars at a time.
10-08-19 Ver. 3.4849
  • Added white paper Retail Installment Contracts for Oregon and Nebraska.
  • Updated Bills of Sale, Ride Share Prohibition Addendum, and Conditional Delivery Agreements for Oregon and Nebraska.
  • Added a button for TX dealers in Customer Activity - Review Pricing and Lien Holder called "Non-Taxable DP Info" so that users can print a separate down payment itemization report for each customer.
  • Added new ALTS integration for AL dealers, deprecating the old system.
  • Updated the Temp Tag Report in Maine to a PDF format.
  • Added Weight and Fuel Type to the DataCube inventory upload.
  • Added a second file with customer transaction history information to the First Global finance company upload.
  • Added the option to print subtotals by state on the State Tax Report R-2-4.
  • Added Save and Exit buttons to the Test Computer Checks window.
10-03-19 Ver. 3.4847
  • Added a check box in Export Data to support a Down Payment Itemization export for TX dealers.
10-01-19 Ver. 3.4845
  • Added AutoTrakk upload for TN dealers.
  • Added the Vehicle URL column to the Selly Automotive inventory feed.
  • Added a warning message when checking "Early Payoff" in the customer payments window.
  • Added an entry to the Audit Trail when a user changes the auto-assigned stock number in System Options.
  • When refinancing an account with fees, if the user chooses to forgive the fees, the account will now reflect a Forgive Charge instead of just removing them.
  • Added the ability to print Buyer's Guide with saved defaults, skipping prompts entirely.
  • Added SambaSafety integration for CA dealers.
  • Added the option to send Mid-Atlantic Finance a copy (unsigned) of customer's forms via SFTP when printing.
09-17-19 Ver. 3.4841
  • Added a white paper Retail Installment Contract for dealers in Louisiana.
  • Changed the total amount due field in Paymaxx Pay portal to reflect the current amount due as of today. Previously it was showing the amount due as of the next payment due date.
  • Added Fair to Inventory Uploads.
  • We will now include Down Payment, Cost, Doors, Certified, and VideoURL fields in JTZ Enterprise and AutoChaser inventory uploads.
  • Updated the breakdown on TN sales tax report to better match the states current tax return
09-10-19 Ver. 3.4839
  • Added the following E-Services: ALTS in AL, Marvin in MS, TexasWebDealer in TX, and in MI.
  • PremierEVR in FL, SC, and GA will now accept branded titles.
  • Added a button on the Previous Owner tab for MI dealers so they can pull in vendor info for the MI Police Book.
  • Added PDF format for Credco reports.
09-03-19 Ver. 3.4829
  • When modifying an added cost on an open bill that has the same day as the sold date of the vehicle, the General Ledger will now have a description of 'Sale Adjustment - Reverse Recon' and will hit account 4510 (reconditioning) instead of 8070 (free service). This does not change open bills with a date after the sale.
  • Added option for TN dealers to charge a daily late fee.
08-29-19 Ver. 3.4827
  • Added option to use "Ready to Sell" date instead of vehicle purchase date to V12 inventory upload.
  • Updated Illinois maximum Documentary Fee to $300 effective 1/1/20.
  • Updated Indiana maximum Doc Prep Fee to $200, added warning message for dealers with a higher maximum.
  • Setting service contracts to taxable by default for new Maine dealers.
  • Increased titline fee in Wisconsin to $164.50, effective 10/1/19.
  • Released integration with DLRdmv for dealers in Florida and Georgia.
  • Added AutoDigg inventory upload for Texas dealers.
08-13-19 Ver. 3.4817
  • Beginning on 8/1/19 in Minnesota, added a Title Technology Surcharge of $2.25 as a default government fee, and an option for Registration Technology Surcharge..
  • The Metro2 file will now include accounts older than 7 years (5 in NY) in reporting delinquencies.
  • Enabled Vitu integration for Montana dealers.
  • Updated California sales taxes.
  • Added address, SSN, and work/cell phones to the US Auto Credit finance company upload.
  • Added Location Code option to DealerCue inventory upload.
  • Added option to use AutoCredit for dealers in Maryland and Pennsylvania.
  • Released 2019 Florida Retail Installment Contract.
  • New Mexico Tax 1 (Vehicle Excise Tax) will be set at 4% for new dealers.
  • Credit reporting changes: Accounts that have been repossessed and then redeemed will no longer report a 95 or 96 status code, but will still retain the special comment code of AZ or AO. Accounts that have been sold will report as zero balance, even if they have repairs or other receivables balances.
  • Increased the maximum Doc Prep Fee in West Virginia to $250, effective 8/1/19.
08-06-19 Ver. 3.4813
  • Added cell phone number for dealer's customers using Paymaxx Pay.
07-23-19 Ver. 3.4809
  • Added cell phone number (if applicable) to Texas Retail Installment Contract.
  • Increased the character limit for vehicle costs.
  • Removed sales tax credit for write-offs in Maryland.
  • Added an automatic daily upload option for Spartan Financial.
  • Updated tax rates for Crawford County, OH.
  • Changes to make IRS form 8300 easier to fill out.
  • Contract Maturity Date added as an Export Data option.
  • Updated the Minnesota State/Deputy Filing Fee as of August 1.
07-17-19 Ver. 3.4803
  • Added popup giving West Virginia dealers more information about As-Is sale requirements.
07-09-19 Ver. 3.4799
  • Enabled Dealertrack financing integration for dealers in NJ.
  • Updated the list of banks available through Vantage Finance.
06-18-19 Ver. 3.4795
  • Enabled Vitu integration in Illinois, Oregon, and Virginia.
  • For sales entered in 2019 and on, the max doc prep fee in PA has been increased to $144/$120.
  • Revised Texas Retail Installment Contract and Buyers Order.
06-11-19 Ver. 3.4789
  • Changed default Minnesota Excise Tax (tax 4) to $20 for counties Goodhue, Kandiyohi, Otter Tail; and cities Baxter, Brainerd, Clearwater, Hutchinson, Manakato, New Ulm, and Rochester.
  • Enabled sorting on A-6 Vendor Bill History screen.
  • Starting July 1 of this year, the late fees for OK and IN will be updated.
06-04-19 Ver. 3.4787
  • Added Vehicle color to the generic Bill of Sale from the Vehicle Inventory window.
  • NJ dealers can now print form 56084 As-Is for salvage vehicles.
05-29-19 Ver. 3.4785
  • Removed Rule of 78ths interest calculation option from UT systems.
  • Added Tesla as a recognized vehicle make for the Missouri Electronic Sales Report R-2-Y.
05-21-19 Ver. 3.4777
  • Allowed more characters to be displayed on the Message Templates box for texting.
  • Pennsylvania users may now turn off auto-calculation of the County Fee, on system options and in the Enter Sales window.
05-16-19 Ver. 3.4773
  • Updated the logo and formatting of the Special Tax Report for South Carolina (DLA-1C, Certification of Vehicles Sold). Revision Date has not changed.
  • Updated the wheel tax in WI so that it now includes Manitowoc, Montello, Rice Lake and Waterloo cities, the village of Bellevue, and Portage County.
  • Added the option to auto-calculate Wheel Tax in Minnesota.
  • Added Vehicle Style as the last column of the Dealer Spike upload.
  • Added the ability to sort the list of vehicles available for import (V-A) by clicking on the headers.
05-08-19 Ver. 3.4769
  • Added changes made to the co-buyer in CA->B->J to the audit file log.
  • Added a confirmation prompt when exiting a Vehicle file without saving changes.
05-03-19 Ver. 3.4767
  • Added the ability to edit added costs after a Sale of Receivables.
  • Revised the Kansas Retail Installment Contract, Bill of Sale, Right to Cure and Conditional Delivery Agreement.
  • Released new Ride Sharing Prohibition and Agreement to Accept Delivery.
  • Vehicle Type now fills in the "Style" field of the Missouri Electronic Sales Report on R-2-Y.
  • AutoTrader BHPH Center upload and the TrueCar (Inventory) upload now allow dealers to select which vehicles to upload.
  • The NADA Bookout button will now produce the Bookout sheet instead of the NADA Used Car Guide.
04-23-19 Ver. 3.4767
  • New MS systems will now have a 10 day letter repo letter instead of 15 day.
  • Added the ability to choose whether or not to have Wheel Tax autocalculated.
04-17-19 Ver. 3.4759
  • Added cell phone to the super detailed sales listings on R-2-2-5.
  • Selly Automotive upload now gives dealers the ability to Exclude Wholesale Deals from the Sales Upload.
  • Added the ability to select "Dealer Documentary Service Fee" for the document prep fee name in Utah.
04-09-19 Ver. 3.4753
  • Added Peterbilt and Kenworth to the list of makes that Frazer will export for the Missouri Electronic Sales Report on R-2-Y.
  • The NADA lookup will now attempt to search the "Commercial Truck" database if the vehicle type is set to "Commercial", or if the lookup fails to find the vehicle in the used car database.
  • Added Motor Vehicle Registration Fee, License Plate Fee, Automobile Driver Education Fee, and Uninsured Motorist Identification Fee to Utah Government Fees.
04-02-19 Ver. 3.4751
  • Released the Spincar Photo Import integration.
  • Released new revisions of the Nevada Retail Installment contract and Bill of Sale.
  • Added a guide to involuntary strict foreclosures to the Repossession window in Texas.
03-26-19 Ver. 3.4747
  • Released new revision of the North Carolina Retail Installment contract.
  • Released a new forms subscription for Park National Bank.
03-12-19 Ver. 3.4733
  • Added framework to handle REPAY’s new MultiChannel payments.
  • Updated upcoming tax rates for California.
  • Increased character limit for Business Name on the Texas Retail Installment Contract.
03-05-19 Ver. 3.4731
  • Released new revision of the Massachusetts Retail Installment Contract.
02-26-19 Ver. 3.4729
  • Fixed a blurry background when printing the Texas Sales Tax report.
02-19-19 Ver. 3.4723
  • Released the Washington Retail Installment Contract
02-12-19 Ver. 3.4721
  • Released a new inventory upload - 360VINspin!
  • Added the ability to print and save the taxpayer's name on the Texas Sales Tax report and improved how discounts and penalties are calculated.
  • Released the Frazer Accounting Setup Tool to all Frazer users.
  • Added a salesman filter to Customer Letters and Labels.
02-05-19 Ver. 3.4717
  • Improved reporting for users with a non-December fiscal year end.
  • Corrected an issue so that WebManager Inventory Import would function more efficiently.
01-29-19 Ver. 3.4715
  • Added new tax manual PDFs for calculating registration tax, for Minnesota users.
  • Added Vehicle Weight to the files we submit to PremierEVR online registration (in Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia).
  • Added the ability to assign a new user profile to the email associated with their login ID in the password system.
01-22-19 Ver. 3.4709
  • Released the Frazer Accounting Setup Tool, for users who have not been using the accounting features in Frazer but would like to start.
  • Added option in Electronic Payments Setup to indicate the user is participating in REPAY’s multi-channel payments program.
  • Released the new 1/19 revision of the Tennessee Retail Installment contract.
  • Updated the maximum Documentary Fee in Michigan to $220.
01-15-19 Ver. 3.4703
  • Added a customer selection tool to Letters and Labels (C-2).
  • Released an automatic form pack for the Mid-Atlantic funding integration. If any MAF forms are missing or need to be updated when the user opens “Print Forms” they will be automatically updated.
  • Released new 12/18 revision of the South Carolina Retail Installment contract.
01-08-19 Ver. 3.4701
  • Improved handling of co-buyer information on Tennessee’s EZDealerTag integration.
  • Released new 12/18 revision of the Arizona Retail Installment contract.
12-26-18 Ver. 3.4693
  • Released 11/18 revision of the Mississippi Retail Installment Contract.
  • Set the maximum Documentary Fee in Illinois to update to $179.81 on January 1st, 2019.
  • Released new Black Book integration.
12-18-18 Ver. 3.4689
  • Improved Quickbooks export to not include the double quote punctuation mark, as it was causing problems when trying to import the file into Quickbooks.
12-11-18 Ver. 3.4683
  • Added message when opening software to inform users of finance company uploads that have become automated. Users will be able to choose whether or not they want the upload to be an automatic daily upload.
  • Added “Electronic Registration Fee” to Maryland Government Fees.
  • New permissions for adding and deleting vehicle photos and notes have been added to password system and Frazer Sidekick app.
  • Released new Reconditioning Report, found on R-1-J, to summarize reconditioning costs.
  • The Low Balances and Paid Report (r-3-E-2) will now include internal payoffs.
  • New Inventory uploads: AutoSweet, Dealers United, and in Utah only, Green Light Auto Solutions.
12-04-18 Ver. 3.4679
  • Released 11/18 revision of the New York Retail Installment contract.
11-27-18 Ver. 3.4677
  • Updated the Georgia Retail Installment contract to 10/18 revision.
  • New Inventory upload: Auto Round-Up.
11-20-18 Ver. 3.4675
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency when checking prospect names against the OFAC list.
11-13-18 Ver. 3.4669
  • Added a “Registration Fee” to the Government fees options in Virginia.
  • New Louisiana systems will be sent out with a 4.45% default for state tax rate.
  • Released Mid-Atlantic Funding integration to all states where MAF does business.
11-06-18 Ver. 3.4663
  • Released Mid-Atlantic Funding integration in Ohio.
  • Added a time stamp to the Sales Recap report.
  • New Inventory uploads: Carvant Financial, and AutoTrakk (where available).
10-30-18 Ver. 3.4657
  • Released warning to encourage users to upgrade their Windows operating systems to those that are still supported by Microsoft.
  • Updated the Tennessee Sales Tax report to match numbered line items on the state’s online Schedule A.
10-23-18 Ver. 3.4645
  • Added system option in Wisconsin to automatically add loan filing fee to cash sales, when a lienholder is assigned to the sale.
  • Added new item, “Financing Providers” to the Sales menu, to allow users access to financing integration setup screens.
  • Improved Tennessee Sales Tax report to better distinguish between bad debts and write-offs.
  • Released the 9/18 revision of the Virginia Retail Installment Contract.
  • New Inventory upload: SpinCar.
10-16-18 Ver. 3.4643
  • Added an interactive help button in the Customer Activity window.
10-09-18 Ver. 3.4639
  • Announced Sidekick mobile app and the new Password System to users in PA, DE, MD, VA, WV, NJ, and Washington DC.
  • Improved Audit Trail reporting to include changes to System Defaults.
  • Added ability for Missouri users to print MO DMV Form 385 or the Electronic Sales Report on R-2-Y.
10-02-18 Ver. 3.4631
  • Released Sidekick mobile app and the new Password System to all states.
  • Updated the Rhode Island Bill of Sale.
  • Enhanced Sales Reporting with Quick Date Range Buttons.
  • Released New Integration - upload Inventory and Sales to Lead Information Services.
9-11-18 Ver. 3.4619
  • Added a setting to the Inventory Lookup window to calculate Days on Lot using the “Ready to Sell” date rather than the purchase date of the vehicle.
  • Updated the Illinois Police Report (R-2-6) to include the State Sales Tax ID number.
  • Enhanced VIN decoding in Colorado will use DMV-approved abbreviations for BodyType.
9-04-18 Ver. 3.4615
  • Released Illiana forms subscription to Illinois.
  • Added “Last Month” and “This Month” buttons to the Sales Listings report (R-2-2).
  • Enhanced REPAY integration to detect payments made using their EBPP program.
8/28/18 v.3.4607
  • Updated the way we calculate Tennessee Sales Tax Write-Off Credit
  • Updated Passtime Review window to be more descriptive - errors are now clickable for more information.
  • Updated "Change or Delete Previous Postings" (A-2) list to include vendors and departments.
  • Released new inventory upload - Get My Auto​!
8/21/18 v.3.4605
  • New Feature! Automatically import vehicles from the Sidekick app! Enable this in M-1-5 (System Options).
  • Released REPAY integration nationwide.
  • Updated language for Indiana Simple Interest Retail Installment contracts.
  • Released New Jersey Lemon Law Waiver Forms (Form #67103 and form #67104).
  • Released subscription to Iowa IADA Forms.
  • Updated Virginia Title Fee from $10 to $15.
8/13/18 v.3.4599
  • Updated Paymaxx Pro users to the new REPAY payments integration in these states: ,AL AK AZ AR CA GA IA LA PA VA WA IN TN
  • Released Premier eTitleLien integration in all states where ELT is available: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, LA, MD, MA, NE, NV, NY, NC, OH, PA, SC, SD, TX, VA, WA, WI
  • Released a photo crop feature for the vehicle photos tab,
  • Enhanced audit tracking to include all users whose entries affect accounting ledgers​ (CA, GA, IA, LA, PA, VA, WA, IN, TN)
8/06/18 v.3.4591
  • Released message to let Alabama dealers know they have access to the new Sidekick mobile app
  • Updated Vehicle Activity Report (R-1-H) to report vehicle history by VIN
7/31/18 v.3.4589
  • Released Glenview Finance finance company upload
  • Released a helpful warning if the main computer for Frazer is getting low on hard drive space
7/24/18 v.3.4581
  • Released new Agora Finance integration
  • Released the ability to set up recurring electronic payments upon completing a sale
  • Released Montana Bill of Sale and North Dakota Bill of Sale​
7/17/18 v.3.4575
  • Released Frazer Sidekick to all Florida dealers
  • Released Vitu online registration integration in California
  • Released WATDA and WBA forms subscriptions in Wisconsin
  • Updated Alabama Retail Installment Contract, Bill of Sale, and Bailment Agreement
  • Released Alabama Ride-Sharing Prohibition Addendum
7/10/18 v.3.4573
  • Released New Password System to Georgia TPS and all Florida dealers 
  • Enhanced functionality of "Search by SSN/EIN" option 
  • Updated Data Files being sent to Agora Finance 
  • Enhanced numerous reports 
7/3/18 v.3.4569
  • Enhanced numerous reports 
  • Updated Colorado Retail Installment Contract and Bill of Sale 
  • Released new revision of New Jersey Retail Installment Contract 
  • Enhanced EZDealerTag Upload 
  • Enhanced REPAY (Paymaxx) Electronic Payment Platform 
6/26/18 v.3.4565
  • Enhanced in software security 
  • Updated Credit Reporting Functionality 
  • Released TextMaxx to all dealers 
6/12/18 v.3.4561
  • Updated Printer Setup Window
  • Released State Specific Bill of Sale for Dealers in Maine
  • Enhanced new REPAY (Paymaxx) Electronic Payment Functionality 
6/5/18 v.3.4555
  • Updated Frazer Client released 
  • New Password System released to Kentucky and all SQL dealers in Georgia 
  • Released Sidekick app to Kentucky Dealers 
  • Released New Bill of Sale for Delaware 
  • Updated Florida Retail Installment Contract released 
  • Updated Michigan Police Book
  • Enhanced new REPAY Electronic Payments Platform
5/29/18 v.3.4553
  • Enhanced Envelope Printing Features 
  • Released Update Retail Installment Contract for Iowa dealers
  • Released Updated Purchase Agreement for Iowa dealers 
  • Released Updated Notice to Cosigner Form for Iowa dealers 
  • Released New Transportation Network Addendum Form for Iowa Dealers
  • Released New Utah Bill of Sale 
  • Released New Utah Trade-In Disclosure 
  • Released New Idaho Bill of Sale
  • Released Updated Oklahoma Retail Installment Contract
  • Further Enhanced Electronic Payment Platform Functionality 
5/22/18 v.3.4551 
  • Released Premier eTitleLien integration for South Carolina Dealers
  • Updated behavior for Late Fees in Current Installment Rule States
  • Enhanced Refinancing Functionality in Customer Activity 
  • Released Updated Agora Integration 
5/15/18 v.3.4549
  • Added County Fees for Union and Erie counties in Pennsylvania 
  • Released new "Ready to Sell" setting for Vehicle Uploads
  • Enhanced Sidekick App Setup Process
  • Upgraded Paymaxx Pro Payment Error messages
5/8/18 v.3.4547
  • Released new revision of Pennsylvania Bill of Sale 
  • Updated Special Printing Options for Texas Dealers 
  • Updated Vehicle Uploads to specify Color Description
  • Enhanced Function of Sidekick App for current users 
5/1/18 v.3.4545
  • Added option to upload specific vehicle to Dealer Car Search 
  • Enhanced US Auto Credit Finance Company upload data
  • Added Finance Company upload for Auto Capital Express
  • Enhanced Quickbooks Chart of Accounts transfer for Hosted Dealers
4/24/18 v.3.4543
  • Added Vehicle Upload to Auto Financial Group
  • Updated AUL Contract Printing
  • Enhanced Vendor Cost Listing Report (R-4-6) Functionality 
  • Added Ability to Transfer Pay Methods During Internal Sale of Receivable for Paymaxx Pro and Pay
4/17/18 v.3.4541
  • Enhanced CarNow Vehicle Upload Setup 
  • Updated Texas webDealer upload 
  • Enhanced Form Change Request submission window function
  • Released new Frazer White Paper Retail Installment Contract for Pennsylvania 
  • Updated Color Lists functions for applicable states
4/10/18 v.3.4537
  • Added Vehicle Upload to CarNow
  • Added "Quick Setup" option for Yahoo users
  • Added option for new E-Payment Platform users to postpone single customer payments 
  • Added Color List for Iowa Dealers 
  • Enhanced Advanced Receipts
4/2/18 v.3.4533
  • Sidekick App released to Beta testers
  • Down Payment as Balance Due on Bill of Sale released to final states
  • Enhanced Email Setup with "Quick Setup" Tab addition 
3/27/18 v,3.4529
  • Added Vehicle Upload to Auto Mobile Technologies 
  • Added Vehicle Upload to iHeartMedia 
  • Added integration for GPS tracking with SVR Tracking 
  • Released new revision of Minnesota Retail Installment Contract 
  • Released Down Payment as Balance Due on Bill of Sale for 12 more states
  • Updated Minnesota Valid Exterior Colors List 
  • Updated Tennessee Valid Exterior Colors List
  • Enhanced OFAC File Updates
  • Modified and Updated "Review Changes to Cash in Bank" Functions
3/20/18 v.3.4527
  • Enhanced KBB Integration Functions
  • Updated Added Costs Analysis Report, Purchased Accounts Listing Report and Transaction Listings Report
  • Released Down Payment as Balance Due on Bill of Sale to AL, MD, NH, PA, RI and SC
  • Enhanced eBizAuto Vehicle Upload
  • Upgraded Custom Upload options for Vehicle Uploads
  • Enhanced Electronic Payment Platform functions 
3/13/18 v.3.4523
  • Updated Default Advanced Receipts Message for IA, NC, TX and VA dealers
  • Enhanced Internal Sale of Receivables 
  • Updated EZDealerTag Integration 
  • Released Down Payment as a Balance Due on a Bill of Sale for NY and NC
  • Updated and  Enhanced Electronic Payments Platforms
3/6/18  v.3.4521
  • Added new Doc Fee Description Options for MN, MI and WV
  • Enhanced Past Due Customer Report sort functions 
  • Added option to show Down Payment as a Balance Due on a Bill of Sale for 15 States and Territories 
  • Updated Oregon Title Fee
  • Modified and Enhanced Vehicle Photo Window in Vehicle File 
2/27/18 v.3.4519
  • Updated MN Registration Tax Table 
  • Added Vehicle Inventory Upload to ProMotiveCar
  • Enhanced "Setup to Pull Credit" Window and Functions
  • Updated SiriusXM VIN Table
  • Enhanced Price List Report Customization Options
2/20/18 v.3.4511
  • Enhanced TX Inventory Tax Report Function
  • Updated Credco Signup Window
  • Updated New Military Button
  • Released New revision of OH Bill of Sale and Retail Installment Contract
  • Enhanced Amortization Schedule Functions
  • Added New Commission System Options
  • Updated New Paymaxx Pro Platform
2/13/18 v.3.4509
  • Updated MN Wheelage Tax Rates
  • Further Enhanced Advanced Receipts Option 
  • Enabled Printing of 8.5x14 White Paper Forms
  • Updated EZDealerTag Integration- TN
  • Added New Features to Vendor Files 
  • Added New Military Status Check
2/6/18 v.3.4507
  • Updated Auto Corner Vehicle Upload Data File Contents
  • Updated Dealer Spike Vehicle Upload Data File Contents
  • Added Vehicle Upload to Dealers United
  • Released EZDealerTag to dealers in TN
  • Released MARVIN to dealers in MS
  • Released a new revision of Maryland Buyer's Order
  • Further enhanced new E-Payments Platform
  • Released further enhancements to General Contact Activity
1/30/18 v.3.4505
  • Updated defiEXCHANGE Finance Company Upload 
  • Enhanced Text Sanitization of "Sales Comments" in Vehicle Files
  • Added new functions for General Contact Activity in Customer Accounts 
1/23/18 v.3.4499
  • Added an option for NV dealers to use a Down Payment as an Amount Due on Bill of Sale
  • Enhanced Added Fees functions in "Enter Sales"
  • Added "Windows Default" as a PDF Previewer Option
  • Added Vehicle Inventory Upload to Vehicle Retail Solutions
1/16/18 v.3.4493
  • Enhanced Inventory Browsing for SQL users
  • Added Trial Balances Report to Year End Reports list
  • Created new report that is created following Sale of Receivables
  • Updated Form 8300 instructions and functions 
1/9/18 v.3.4491
  • Updated Use Tax for Phoenix, AZ dealers
  • Updated Illinois Max Document Prep Fee
  • Enhanced Year End Report filtering functions 
  • Added Premier EVR Online Registration for FL and GA dealers
  • Added Edmunds to available Vehicle Upload Vendors 
  • Added Inventory Command Center to available Vehicle Upload Vendors 
1/4/18 v.3.4487
  • Added the option to select specific vehicles for CarZing vehicle uploads
  • Updated AutoRaptor Vehicle Upload file structure
  • Enhanced Refinance Process for Vehicles with Passtime Devices
  • Added New Features to System Options- Sales Options 1
12/28/17 v.3.4483
  • Optimized Regeneration of Thumbnails process
  • Enhanced Price List Report
  • Enhanced Sales Tax Deferred Report
  • Updated FL Tax Rates
  • Implemented Measures to Enhance Electronic Payments
12/19/17 v.3.4477
  • Updated WI Wheel Tax Rates
  • Updated PA County Fees
  • Released new WV Bill of Sale
  • Enhanced Customer Activity Search Functions 
  • Enabled Cargurus Sales Uploads
  • Updated ALTS Migration information for AL dealers
12/12/17 v.3.4473
  • ALTS released for all Alabama dealers
  • Updated defaults for New Systems for West Virginia
  • Updated defaults for New Systems for Minnesota
12/5/17 v.3.4471
  • ALTS Released for Beta Testing
  • Enhanced Forms Change Request Process
  • Further Enhanced Solutions By Text Integration
  • Updated Advanced Receipts with further functionality
  • Added Sales Uploads for CarGurus uploads
11/28/17 v.3.4465
  • Updated Data File for Uploads
  • Updated Upload Vendors
  • Further enhanced Frazer Help Desk for ease of use
  • Updated Starter Interrupt window
  • Added GPS Serial Number to Sales Requirements 
11/21/17 v.3.4461
  • Enhanced CUDL integration
  • Updated Tax Rate 1 for Texas dealers
11/14/17 v3.4455
  • Released WP Law Contracts to Arizona, Hawaii and North Dakota
  • Further Enhanced Advanced Receipt Options
  • Updated Forms Change Request Window with new functions for ease of use
  • Updated FZ RIC for Colorado 
  • Enabled Selecting Pick Up Note Dates if more than one is listed on a sale
11/7/17 v3.4449
  • Released WP Law Contracts in NM, CT, LA and SD
  • Enhanced Advanced  Receipt Option
  • Updated Transaction Window in Customer Activity 
  • Updated IA Purchase Agreement to form #45207 for all IA dealers
  • Added ability for dealers to list bills as having been paid with Hand Written Checks and ACH
10/31/17 v3.4441
  • Added SocialClique as a vehicle upload vendor
  • Further enhanced new PDF Print Previewer 
  • Updated GA Sales Tax for 14 counties
  • Enhanced Uploading to Finance Companies
  • Released CUDL for Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missoui
10/24/17 v3.4439
  • Updated Privacy Notice functions/information for Texas
  • Enhanced prospect search field (by date)
  • Further improved electronic payments
  • Updated and improved new PDF Previewer
  • Further improved receipt printing for Hosted Dealers
  • Released Solutions by Text to all dealers
10/17/17 v3.4433/37
  • Updated MI gov't fees
  • Updated MN Tax Rate 4 title
  • Added new feature to better update vehicle files with accurate information
  • Enhanced Openlane and vehicle uploads
  • Added a new "Default Down Payment" feature in system options
  • Added a new "Bill of Sale Changes" button in "Legal Stuff"
10/10/17 v3.4431
  • Enhanced F&I Express Data Uploads
  • Updated numerous windows to new font style
  • Enhanced Added Costs screen
  • Added White Paper Law Contracts for West Virigina
  • Created the ability for dealers to print multiple backs of Buyers Guides when duplex is selected
  • Released new PDF Print Previewer to all states
  • Added Dealer Record Book (R-2-6) for WI dealers
10/3/17 v3.4425
  • Updated Doc Fee descriptions in system options for OK
  • Placed the Plate Fee Calculator next to License Fees for MI
  • Further enhanced the "Residence Address" window
  • Enabled numerous visual updates to many windows
  • Updated what is included in data files when exporting to F&I Express
  • Further Enhanced Vehicle Uploading to Amazon S3 servers
9/26/17 v3.4419
  • Released White Paper LAW Contracts to Rhode Island
  • Enabled selection of specific vehicles for Credit Acceptance (CAC) vehicle uploads
  • Updated Doc Fees for Rhode Island
  • Enhanced Sirius XM Real-Time Signup 
  • Updated Form 8300 procedures for FL based on Dept. of Revenue requests 
  • Enhanced Electronic Payments
  • Add the "Pay for Frazer" button to Special Notice Pop Up
9/19/17 v3.4413
  • Enhanced Export Data Function (M-8) to include further options
  • Enhanced Photo Uploads in Vehicle Uploads
  • Updated tax rates for CA and OH dealers automatically for 4th quarter this year
09/12/17 v3.4411
  • Released a new version of Frazer's white paper Oklahoma Retail Installment Contract
  • Released White Paper Law Contracts to dealers in Pennsylvania
  • Added Custom Terms for Missouri Dealers for "Other Fees"  
  • Further enhanced new vehicle uploads to Amazon S3 servers
  • Added a Version History button to Online Backups window to show "Recent Update History" in report form
09/6/17 v3.4409
  • Released a new version of Frazer's white paper Missouri Retail Installment Contract.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
8/29/17 v3.4407
  • Added option to review Bank Rec reports even when Bank Rec has been blocked due to an incorrect or incomplete reconciliation. 
  • Added calendar buttons to Manage Voided Tags option of the Temp Tag Report R-2-E.
  • Added Postgres license info to About Frazer H-4 screen.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
8/22/17 v3.4405
  • Updated Frazer program background image, and system font.
  • SiriusXM Real-Time Signup has been released for all dealers.
  • Added System Option M-1-4 to automatically charge a Bad Check/ACH Fee when entering either transaction. 
  • Moving vehicle photos to new FrazerPhotos server.
  • Added info popup when trying to process an OpenEdge Debit card transaction: PIN Debit transactions are now available only for HostPay users using the new Ingenico card machine, not the old MagTek IPAD devices
  • Illinois: updated Retail Installment Contracts to expand on the list of vehicles that are exempt from the Illinois Implied Warranty of Merchantability.
  • Michigan and Vermont: Consolidated government fees, making room for an additional Optional Sales Fee.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
8/15/17 v3.4403
  • Added "Mileage to Print on Forms" option to Sales Requirements M-1-2-Customization. 
  • Added option to remove a Vendor from a manual G/L post A-1.
  • Added System Option M-1-1 to pull the Down Payment amount from the Vehicle Sales tab when the vehicle is selected for sale.
  • Added option to print for only one G/L account when using Export Data M-8-G.
  • Added option to add a BCC email address to the Advanced Receipt Setup M-1-4.
  • Added option to receipts to print the actual due date, instead of today's date, for past due accounts.
  • Alabama: AL dealers can now upload (C-8) to Strategic Dealer Services
  • Florida: new Conditional Delivery Agreement form#64323 has been released. 
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
8/8/17 v3.4399
  • Solutions by Text integration has been released for a limited (initially) number of dealerships. 
  • Added ability to run the Evaluate Vehicles by Profitability Report R-2-8 for multiple sale types.
  • Added System Option M-1-4 to set whether deposits are refundable, defaulted to non-refundable.
  • Added prompt to save vehicle changes first when clicking on "Sell This Vehicle."
  • Added a warning to the Export to Quickbooks transfer if any unbalanced g/l transactions exist.
  • Added "as of" dates to receipts printed for previous payments.
  • Added Audit Trail M-4 log when deleting Tracking Activity entries.
  • Added button to save Prospect screen without closing in System Options M-1-2 (Customization). 
  • Texas: Effective Sept. 1, if a dealer intends to charge a doc fee of $150 or less they are no longer required to provide notification to the OCCC. If the doc fee is going to be over $150 they will need to provide both written notification, as well as a cost analysis. 
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
8/1/17 v3.4397
  • SiriusXM Real-Time Signup has been released for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Texas and Virginia.
  • Added ability to set specific vehicles to upload to AutoTrader.
  • Added interest, fees, and principal paid to date to the Westlake Finance Company Upload file. 
  • Reorganized Vehicle window to fit more fields and integration options.
  • Added Previous Owner to List of Purchased Vehicles report R-1-3 when a Vendor is absent.
  • Added options to exclude Bad ACH and Chargeback transaction types from the Transaction Listings Report R-3-5-2.
  • Added letter detailing any changes to Frazer's Retail Installment Contracts under Print Forms - Legal Stuff.
  • Illinois: We no longer require the Implied Warranty on vehicles over 8000 lbs, 150,000 mi, or a flood/salvage title.
  • Texas: We now check for Subsequent Sales when changing the vehicle Location Code. We also prevent changing the location code if doing so would change that sale's inventory tax factor. 
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
7/25/17 v3.4391
  • Updated version of Florida Retail Installment Contracts available- form #52478 has been replaced with form #35267.
  • Updated URL for the TX webDEALER integration.
  • Added "Customer Rating" field to Primalend Finance Company Upload C-8.
  • Improvements to NMVTIS integration.
  • Added new receipt customization options to System Options M-1-4. 
  • Added ability to sort Vendor Bill and G/L tabs (A-6) by all columns.
  • Added Recourse Buy Backs as a default option on the Purchased Account Listing R-2-G, with an option to exclude.
  • Combined Credit Card Chargeback and Debit Card Chargeback transaction types into Card Chargeback transaction type. This option can now be used to reverse electronic payments in the event they do not reverse automatically.
  • Texas: Inventory Tax report R-2-6 will no longer count purchased accounts and sales from separate locations as subsequent sales.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
7/18/17 v3.4385
  • Updated HomeNet vehicle upload. HomeNet will now be managing the inventory uploads for VINSolutions.
  • Removed SSNs from audit trail history.
  • Added Transaction Listings report R-3-5 option for Bad Checks/ACH/Chargebacks
  • GPS serial number field has moved to the center column of the vehicle file in inventory. This was done  to make room for the new color options in the vehicle file.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
7/11/17 v3.4381
  • Added Retail Price to CarZing upload.
  • Updated Freedom Financial Capital upload C-8. 
  • Added Exterior Color 1, Exterior Color 2, and Interior Color options to Vehicle file.
  • Added Credit and Debit Chargeback as transaction types in Enter Payments and Other Transactions CA-A. 
  • Updated Credit Card or ACH Setup screen CA-Q to new HostPay system for OpenEdge Hostpay users. 
  • Added button to the Pull Credit Report screen to refresh buyer/cobuyer information, when pulling another report.
  • Pennsylvania: Defaulted service contracts to be taxable on all new system installs. 
  • South Carolina: Updated sales tax maximum to $10,000. Changed Sales Tax 1 description from Sales Tax to "Infrastructure Maintenance Fee (IMF)" for sales after 7/1/17. Updated descriptions on Frazer's Retail Installment Contract Form#48189 and Buyer's Order Form#54223, as well as the Sales Tax Report R-2-4.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
7/4/17 v3.4379
  • White paper LAW Contracts have been released for Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, and Oklahoma.
  • Added tracking for voluntary vs involuntary repos to Audit Trail M-4.
  • Added Bad ACH as a separate option to the Transaction Listings Report R-3-5. 
  • Added a popup warning when voiding a hand-entered check. 
  • North Carolina: updated Frazer's Retail Installment Contract to allow for a flat $15 late fee.
  • Nevada: updated tax rate to 6.85%
  • West Virginia: updated the tax rate from 5% to 6%. Updated the tag/title fee from $10 to $15.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
6/26/17 v3.4373
  • Added new finance company upload to AGORA Data (C-8). 
  • Updated Paymaxx Pro Authorization Form.
  • Updated the FTP credentials for the CarWizard vehicle upload.
  • Changed AUL contracts to pull the "mileage at sale" instead of the mileage from the Vehicle file.
  • Added an option to System Options M-1-6 to access the Amortization Schedule from the Print Forms window.
  • Added an option to the lien holder file to add default costs of optional sales fees.
  • Added a System Option M-1-8 to set a default general ledger account that pays for repossession costs. 
  • Added option to record user initials or password users when adding costs to a vehicle, visible on the Added Costs Listings R-1-0.
  • Added an Audit Trail post when the "delete the account and remove credit reporting" check box is selected and unselected in Customer Activity (CA-B-A-Credit Reporting).
  • California: Updated tax rates, effective July 1.
  • Iowa: Updated the maximum allowed late fee to $30, effective July 1.
  • Minnesota: Updated the maximum allowed Doc Fee to $100, effective July 1.
  • South Carolina: Updated the maximum tax amount for state taxes to $500, effective July 1.
  • Texas: Updated the Arbitration Agreement to print automatically after printing the Frazer white paper Retail Installment Contract.
  • Vermont: Added the name of the customer a vehicle was repossessed from, under the "Vehicle Acquired From" column of the List of Vehicles Purchased report R-1-3-3.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
6/19/17 v3.4371
  • Added up to 8 decimal places to Special Tax Rates M-1-3.
  • Added Customer Phone Number to Insurance Report R-3-8.
  • Added ability to create an Insurance Vendor from the Insurance screen.
  • Added changes to Form Settings to audit trail reporting. 
  • Added a calendar button to the "delete prospects up to..." field.
  • Changed the default payment type for an Outside Finance deal from Check to ACH.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
6/12/17 v3.4369
  • Added DealerCue vehicle upload.
  • Added option to print Buyer's Guide the way it was last printed, per sale/vehicle.
  • NADA guides will now prompt for vehicle mileage, if missing.
  • Added an optional warning popup when a rebuilt/salvage vehicle is selected to be sold.
  • Added Floor Plan Principal Owed option to Vehicle tab of Export Data M-8.
  • Added option to run the Sales Listings Report R-2-2 for out-of-state sales only.
  • Added option to filter the Sales of Receivables Report C-3 by Customer Rating.
  • Added a show/hide button on the Password System M-3 Code field.
  • Added option to use up to 9 digit check numbers.
  • Updated OpenEdge to use new HostPay system in Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, and Montana.
  • Illinois: Added programming for new Buyer's Guide- will be available as of June 26, 2017.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
6/5/17 v3.4363
  • Added Original Cost and Total Cost fields to CarZing vehicle upload. 
  • Added "vehicle inspection" as a possible Sales Requirement in System Options M-1-2.
  • Added option to sort Insurance Report R-3-8 by policy number. 
  • Added prompt to confirm when refunding an electronic down payment.
  • Added co-signer reporting to Credit Report tab C-1-B-A-tab.
  • Illinois: updated Buyer's Guide to include limited warranty. 
  • Illinois: added new Retail Installment Contract, effective July 1.
  • Minnesota: updated OpenEdge to use new HostPay system. 
  • Oklahoma: Frazer's Retail Installment Contract will allow a maximum late fee up to $25, effective July 1.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
5/29/17 v3.4361
  • Added CarSoup "set specific upload" option.
  • Updated VIN decoder.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
5/22/17 v3.4357
  • TitleTec integration released for Florida dealers.
  • Added Vantage Finance funding portal for dealers in AL, AR, AZ, CA, CT, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MN, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, OH,OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI.
  • Added security to Password System Code.
  • Added a warning if an ineligible customer is selected for Recourse buy-back.
  • Arizona and New Mexico: No longer allow printing a Used-Car Bill of Sale or Purchase Agreement for New vehicles.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
5/15/17 v3.4355
  • Added funding portal Vantage Finance for dealers in California, FloridaIowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.
  • Removed VIN length restriction on printing Law Contracts.
  • Finance company upload SellYourBulk has changed to Defi Exchange.
  • Changed default on Outside Finance deals from “Enter Payment Amount” to “Enter Number of Payments”.
  • Set the lien holder default interest type to Simple Interest (unless System Options is set to a different method, with a default sale type of Outside Financing).
  • Removed Credit Application Sales Requirements for Cash sales, Wholesale, or sales to a business.
  • We will no longer carry over the title application number for vehicles restocked by write-off.
  • Wisconsin: Added Dealer Record Book R-2-6.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
5/08/17 v3.4351
  • White paper Law contracts released for South Carolina, Iowa, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, and New Jersey.
  • Added ZipDriven vehicle upload.
  • Added Selly Automotive CRM upload.
  • Added ability to sort Insurance Report R-3-8 by insurance company.
  • Added "Default Dealer Costs" button to System Options M-1-1.
  • Added ability to select default interest type for each lien holder.
  • Added ability to print a report that includes open bills for a date in the past.
  • Michigan: If there is only a name entered on the “Previous Owner” tab, Frazer will attempt to get the additional info from the Vendor on the vehicle to print on the Police Book report R-2-6. Whenever a dealer chooses “auction” for the vehicle source, Frazer will prompt the dealer to fill out the “previous owner” tab for the sake of the Police book.
  • Oklahoma: As of July 1st we will allow the minimum late fee to be up to $25.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
5/1/17 v3.4349
  • Strategic Dealer Services finance company upload is now available in Virginia.
  • Updated billing procedure for Alpha Warranty.
  • Added Recourse option to Outside Financed and sold accounts.
  • Added warning when deleting an added cost with a date before the General Ledger close date.
  • Added a system option M-1-6 to restore/disable the warning that displays before printing a white paper Law Contract for a new sale.
  • Vehicle Requirements in System Options M-1-2 can now be implemented for Trade-ins.
  • Added Vehicle Notes as an option on the Price List R-1-1.
  • California: Tax rates can now accommodate 3 decimal places instead of rounding to 2.
  • Lakewood, CO: Lakewood is a "home-rule" city that has it's own taxation policy. We will now include the amount of the tax on the service contract with the amount of city tax calculated on the deal, but based on the tax rate in system options instead of that on the customer's tax window. Added a new page to the Sales Tax Report R-2-4 to disclose service contract taxes. 
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
4/24/17 v3.4345
  • Changed DealerSync vehicle upload to skip past vehicles without a VIN.
  • Added AutoDataDirect ELT integration to dealers in South Carolina.
  • When printing white paper LAW contracts, a message (announcing the amount to be charged) will appear first. WP LAW contracts will now be listed in green.
  • Added a warning when opening the Pre-Existing Customer screen with a default sale type of Cash, Wholesale, or Outside Financing.
  • Redesigned and simplified the Report to Credit Bureau C-5 window.
  • Added a total number of customers to the Form 8300 Report R-2-A.
  • Added option to exclude voided items on the Bank Reconciliation A-E "Print Uncleared" report.
  • Changed indicator from "N" to [blank] on the Pulled Credit Reports M-9, for customers where a credit report was not pulled.
  • Florida: Added option to Lien Holder tab of sales screen to remove Doc Stamps from a deal, without having to update the lien holder.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
4/17/17 v3.4343
  • Added Fetch button to Insurance Information window.
  • Extended the insurance email field to 50 characters. 
  • Added option to sort by check number in Bank Reconciliation screen A-E.
  • Switched all Credco DataFlight user settings to new CredcoConnect user settings.
  • Added a warning to Frontstream users that support is ending on June 5th, 2017.
  • Michigan: updated links to License Fee Calculator and Registration Eligibility buttons.
  • Tennessee: labeled all tax rates on the Sales Tax Report R-2-4.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
4/10/17 v3.4339
  • Released LAW Contracts for Maine dealers.
  • Added a warning message before completely deleting a customer.
  • Added information button to Sale of Receivables screen when both Simple Interest and PreCompute deals are involved, to clarify which balances are being sold.
  • Added Okidata driver check to run any time the computer reboots.
  • Changed size of Added Cost window to better adapt to different monitor and display settings.
  • Sorted Recurring Payment Listing R-3-N by Last Name rather than First Name. 
  • Added warning when trying to refinance an Outside Financed deal.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
4/3/17 v3.4337
  • Added Sales Comments to ProMax vehicle upload file.
  • Updated server for Pro Dealer Sites vehicle upload.
  • Added "previous owner information" for vehicles repossessed and stocked back into inventory.
  • Added Fax and Email fields to the insurance window.
  • Added “Print by Vendor- Category” option to “Cost Listing” report style of Vendor Listing Report R-4-6.
  • Added option to not save default file specifications, when exporting data.
  • Added time of day to Accounts Receivables Balances R-3-3 Report, along with the date.
  • Changed "Date Finished" column on Deposit Listing R-2-H to "Last Activity".
  • Added option to edit Paymaxx Pay login username.
  • Added "total of posted transactions" to Post to General Ledger A-1 screen.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.​
Date: 3/27/17 v3.4335
  • Released LAW contracts for California and Virginia dealers.
  • Added option to upload vehicles to Naked Lime and DealerSync.
  • Added "change password" and "forgot password" to Credco setup window.
  • Changed the size of the Print Buyer’s Guide window to allow it to fit the screen for more resolution/zoom settings.
  • Added option to open Export Data M-8 file immediately after creating it.
  • Added option to print cobuyer on full page receipts only.
  • Florida: made a change to the Florida Sales Tax Report (R-2-4). The dealer’s county surtax rate will be included in the line at the bottom of the sales tax report that deals with amounts subject to surtax at a rate different than the dealer’s county surtax rate.
  • Kentucky: added a Conditional Delivery Agreement form. 
  • Missouri: Added an option to the Electronic Sales Report R-2-Y to choose where the file is saved to. 
  • System improvements and continued optimization.
Date: 3/20/17 v3.4333
  • Updated the Illinois Retail Installment Contract (FZ-IL-RIC) to revision 3/17.
  • Added AutoSweet vehicle upload.
  • Added "Photos to Upload" count to Inventory List- Basic Report R-1-2-4.
  • Added warning that a Vehicle Make is required, when printing the Buyer's Guide before saving a vehicle. 
  • Added "date finished" column to Deposit Listing R-2-H, and removed "pending deposits" when printing for a date in the past.
  • Added deposit type info to Deposit Listing R-2-H.
  • Added a warning when closing the Edit Special Message window without first saving changes. Changed Special Message popup text display to maroon to indicate it is non-editable.
  • Added a warning when printing IRS form 8300, if the Buyer's or Co-Buyer's Social Security Number is missing.
  • Illinois: Added option to edit minimum late fee amount.
  • Florida: updated county tax rates in System Options. Improvements to Sales Tax Report R-2-4.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.
Date: 3/13/17 v3.4329
  • Added option to import vehicles from Dealers Connect Now.
  • Added option to upload vehicles to CarZing, izmocars, and AutaBuy.
  • Added "title status" to Hammer Corp vehicle upload.
  • Added "purchase date" and "vehicle type" to the V12 vehicle upload.
  • Added button to check to see if SiriusXM account activation has completed yet.
  • Added a button to Inventory to filter by Location Code. 
  • Added option to pull the Special Message Report R-3-R by date range.
  • Shrank vendor name to fit better on check stubs.
  • Removed commas from check number when entering payments to a customer's account.
  • Added LAW contract information to "More White Paper Forms" button in Forms Printing, in states where white paper LAW contracts are currently available. 
  • Missouri: Hosted systems will now save the Electronic Sales Report to the local computer for retrieval.
  • Nevada: Added new Credit Application based on the Nevada model form.
  • Texas: For dealers that have different inventory tax rates saved per location code, we now prompt to select the location code to print the inventory tax report for, even if all rates are the same. 
  • Wisconsin: Changed "Wheelage Tax" to "Wheel Tax" to match the title application wording.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.
Date: 3/6/17 v3.4327
  • Added button for F&I Express to service contract integrations window.
  • Added option to print Deposit Listing R-2-H from the Deposits screen S-A.
  • Fixed the alignment of the non-dealer warranty section of Pre-Printed Buyer's Guides when printed As-Is.
  • Added customer name to the General Ledger transaction descriptions when payments are made.
  • Adjusted Add-On calculations to take into account the time between the sale date and the first payment date, when that date extends beyond the default first payment date.
  • Added "Per Diem" and 10 Day Payoff options to the "Show Early Payoff Amount" window.
  • California: Updated tax rates for April 1, 2017
  • Ohio: Updated tax rates for April 1, 2017
  • Pennsylvania: Added Effective APR button in Enter Sales when the first payment is in more than one month and 15 days.
  • Wisconsin: Updated tax rates for April 1, 2017. Updated Wheelage Tax rates. 
  • System improvements and continued optimization.
Date: 2/27/17 v3.4319
  • Released a white paper Retail Installment Contract for Kansas.
  • Added ability to preview a sample white paper LAW contract.
  • Added a button to the subscription status screen H-8, which will allow users to see a list of sales they have printed LAW contracts for, for the current and previous month. 
  • Reporting credit will now require the Cobuyer's Social Security Number or Date of Birth.
  • ASC Warranty integration now requires the vehicle price to be entered first.
  • Added a report for General Contact Activity R-3-T.
  • Added a System Option to print the Cobuyer's name on receipts.
  • Added option to Price List R-1-1 to number the list.
  • Added ability to sort the Sale of Receivables customer list.
  • Changed Sales of Receivables to post to Journal 22.
  • Changed the date that would be posted to the General Ledger when deleting a Sale of Receivables from the date deleted, to the originally posted date. 
  • For states that have the ability to choose if an Arbitration Agreement will print with a contract, added ability to set up independently for each Lien Holder.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.
Date: 2/20/17 v3.4313
  • Released white paper LAW Contracts (FL, MD, WA, and TN only)
  • Changed Cash in Bank report (A-C-P) to default to the System Option for “Exclude voided Transactions”.
  • Added option to update the Vendor on a hand-written check without voiding and reentering it.
  • Added stock number to 2017 Pre-Printed Buyer's Guide.
  • Added Department fields to Export Data M-8 for option G- all General Ledger Transactions. 
  • Added option to Export Data M-8 to include Residence Address.
  • Added option to select a vehicle insurance provider from the Vendor file.
  • Option to select a group of receivables to sell now includes Purchased accounts in addition to BHPH.
  • Added option to reprint IRS Form 8300.
  • Added printable/downloadable PDFs to "Legal Stuff" window for legal comments on "Read about pickup payments on an Retail Installment Contract" and "Lawyer Comments on Arbitration Agreement" buttons.
  • Michigan: Added option to include "Cost" on Police Book Report .
  • Texas: Added option to print Inventory Tax Report R-2-6 and R-2-Y for separate location codes.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.
Date: 2/13/17 v3.4309
  • Added ability to print to duplex printers.
  • Added ASC Warranty integration.
  • Added First Payment Due Date to Primalend finance upload. 
  • Changed Metro2 file to include customers with no SSN, as long as a Date of Birth is present.
  • Added date column, and will show negative amounts, on “Review Invoices on Check” report.
  • Added space for longer check/money order numbers (may be truncated on reports).
  • Added space to enter a longer Lien Holder name (may be truncated on forms). 
  • Added a System Option to turn off warnings about bank reconciliations ending in a $0 balance.
  • Added a System Option to include the Lot Fee in profit button calculations.
  • Added a System Option to enable automatic customer pop-up after entering a pre-existing or purchased customer.
  • Added a System Option- Sales Requirement for a completed credit application.
  • Changed System Option- Sales Requirement for Service Contract Dealer Costs will no longer require term length and miles.
  • All references to "Wolters Kluwer" have been replaced with “Bankers Systems”.
  • California, Michigan, and Rhode Island: Added reminder when printing forms that require a color printer, and disabled printing them if a color printer is not available.
  • Texas: We will now fill in step 5 of the Yearly Inventory Tax Declaration form (R-2-Y) for dealers who opened during the calendar year the report was run for. Added a note in this section for the date the business was opened.
  • Texas: Added percentage of collected cash price to write-off window.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.
Date: 2/6/17 v3.4305
  • Added OpenEdge HostPay integration to process payments using EVM chip cards.
  • Added option to Print Preview the Arbitration Agreement Form #4221 if it's set to print to a laser or inkjet printer.
  • Added double-space option to Electronic Payment Log report R-3-M.
  • Added a number of vehicles counter to the bottom right corner of the Inventory browse window.
  • Added a report containing cleared and uncleared transactions up to the ending date of the bank reconciliation that was just undone.  The same report will show after completing a bank reconciliation, just showing uncleared transactions up to the ending date.
  • Florida and Georgia: If the payment schedule for monthly payers includes a partial month that is more than 10 days (such as when there are 45 days until the first payment) our add-on calculations will include that partial month as a whole month in order to match state regulations.
  • Wisconsin: Added a button on the Legal Stuff window in Print Forms to explain why GAP no longer appears on the Motor Vehicle Purchase Contract, as per the WI Dept. of Financial Institutions guidance.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.
Date: 1/30/17 v3.4301
  • Added CARFAX to the vehicle uploads list. AutoCorner and Vast vendors will handle the various Carfax products.
  • Added Reserve Finance Income as an option to Back-End Sales Listing report R-2-3.
  • Added a "Share an Idea" button for anyone who has been a Frazer customer for at least 90 days.
  • Separated ACH payments from Checks/Money Orders on the Transaction Listings report R-3-5.
  • Added "Delete" button to Update Added Cost window when available.
  • Added "Check Printed" date to Added Cost window when appropriate.
  • Default "optional sales fee" vendor will now immediately display when a lien holder is chosen that has that optional sales fee set up.
  • Added "legal business name" field to system options for 1099 printing.
  • Iowa: Added a warning message when attempting to change late fees calculation method away from default. 
  • Nevada: Released a Frazer white paper Retail Installment Contract.
  • Pennsylvania: Increased the maximum document fee for 2017.
  • Texas: Added the ability to print separate dealer license numbers on the Inventory Tax Report R-2-6.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.
Date: 1/23/17 v3.4299
  • Added option to upload vehicles to 5miles (discounted for first 100 signups).
  • Added a "Clear Date" column to Review Changes to Cash in Bank (A-C).
  • Added a warning if the ending balance is zero on bank reconciliation window when marking a line "cleared".
  • Added "As of date in the past" option to bank reconciliation report (A-E).
  • Added a Check Breakdown (A-C) to get a report of all bills that a specified check paid.
  • Added an option to the Enter Payments screen to select a bad check or bad ACH receipt number.
  • Added a System Option (M-1-5) for the default vehicle source.
  • Added a System Option (M-1-2) to include interest with the Show Profit button for BHPH sales.
  • Added a System Option (M-1-4) to include a line showing outstanding interest balance (earned interest for SI deals) and include it in the total remaining balance due on receipts.
  • After adding a preexisting/purchased account, the Customer Activity window will open.
  • Added a new message that shows in systems with a user number of 700.
  • Mississippi: Changed the Doc Fee to "document/service fee" and capped it at $425.
  • Texas: Removed some outdated text from the tax tab of system options.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.
Date: 1/16/17 v3.4297
  • Added option to upload vehicles to AutoDealerTech.
  • Added option to upload vehicles to Pro Dealer Sites.
  • Added vehicle count to R-1-5 Floor Planning report totals.
  • Added the option to include city names associated with a zipcode on R-2-0 Zip Code Analysis. Sales without zipcodes will be included at the end of the report.
  • Added a System Option M-1-1 to set default semi-monthly days. 
  • Added a calculator next to the first payment date in the enter sales window to let users quickly count the number of days until the first payment.
  • Removed the line limit from Vehicle Notes and added a scroll bar.
  • Added informational pop-up to R-4-1 Balance Sheet when trying to set department range.
  • Added option  “Include Only ACH” on "Review Changes to Cash in Bank" A-C-P.
  • Denoted vehicles repossessed and out for repossession on R-3-1 Past Due or Current Due Customers report.
  • Georgia: Removed non-taxable sales from the Ad Valorem tax report. 
  • Mississippi: made changes to the Document/Service fee disclosures on our Bill of Sale and Retail Installment Contract to comply with amendments to “Motor Vehicle Dealer Document/Service Fees – Disclosures , Title 30: MS Motor Vehicle Commission, Part 1301, Chapter 8, Rule 8.1
  • New Jersey: Excluded motorcycles from the Lemon Law report
  • North Carolina: Added option to put in a default BHPH insurance deductible. This can be done under System Options-Printing Options M-1-6.
  • Tennessee dealers now have the option to print the “classic” R-2-4 (Sales Tax Report) summary rather than the updated summary report.
  • Texas: added ability to quickly write off accounts with a "Strict Foreclosure" or a "Waiver of Disposition". If checked, when reported to a credit bureau these accounts will show as '64 - Paid in full was a charge off'.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.
Date: 1/9/17 ​v3.4295
  • Added the inventory upload for Selly Automotive.
  • Improved wording on QB transfer screen.
  • Added a warning message in "Enter Bills and Hand-Printed Checks" (A-A) when a Vendor with a default G/L account that is different than the currently selected G/L account is chosen.
  • We now require the dealer to enter their Alpha Warranty Dealer Number before creating service contracts.
  • Added vehicle color to the header of the Vehicle Notes Print report.
  • Added timestamp to R-4-1 Balance Sheet report.
  • Adjustments made to Bad ACH (wording & scroll bar).
  • Added an option in M-1-5 System Options-Vehicle Options to hide and show the labor rate and its calculator in the Added Costs screen.
  • Updated Credco pricing PDF.
  • Added option to R-1-6 Inventory Valuation Report to replace Lot Fee and Floor Plan columns with how the vehicle was paid for.
  • Added option to R-4-3 Trial Balance report, to be run over a range of departments.
  • Changed the date filter on the Deposits browse to be optional.
  • Added F1 help links to the four SiriusXM windows.
  • For dealers using an older version of a Frazer Retail Installment Contract we will download the latest version of the contract.
  • Added financing company upload "Strategic Dealer Services" for dealers in IN, OH, KY, TN, FL, GA, NC, SC, TX.
  • New Jersey tax rate changes for 2017 and 2018 updated.
  • North Carolina: Added the county fee for Burke county, which will go into effect on the first of March. 
  • System improvements and continued optimization.
Date: 1/2/17 v3.4289
  • Added an option to the R-3-P Recency Report to include negative balances on the report 
  • Added option to print company name on C-1-O Cash Position Analysis.
  • System improvements and continued optimization.