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About Frazer Computing

Frazer Employees
Frazer Computing provides powerful computer software that is relied upon by used car dealers to run all facets of their business. Frazer is a leader in the “Dealer Management Software” industry, with over 20,600
​independent car dealerships using their software daily.

Frazer provides a number of career opportunities in software design and programming, as well as customer support. Frazer is a fantastic fit for northern New York, providing 21st century jobs for people who want to stay in the North Country.

Working at Frazer

What makes Frazer Employees Great?

Frazer ​employees possess a unique set of skills and abilities. Here's what sets Frazer employees apart:
Working at Frazer
  • They are jugglers, handling multiple tasks at a time with ease.
  • They are often mind-readers that use their knowledge to anticipate the needs of the customer.
  • They maintain higher-than-average mathematical skills
  • They are comfortable communicating clearly in verbal and written forms.
  • Attention-to-detail comes naturally to them.
  • They nurture a voracious sense of curiosity to learn about any topic that will ultimately result in customer satisfaction, not to mention personal satisfaction in a job well done.

Benefits Offered

  • Health Insurance
  • Wellness benefits
  • 401K
  • Life Insurance
  • Bonuses
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave

Careers Available at Frazer

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Customer Service Tech
Outstanding customer service at Frazer Computing is defined by two things: understanding exactly the needs of the customer when they call in, and being able to fulfill the customers’ needs in a pleasant, efficient manner. This requires that our employees:
  1. Possess strong mathematical and verbal skills.
  2. Demonstrate better-than-average knowledge of computers and how they work.
  3. Are adaptable to change, adept at multitasking, and a natural trouble shooter.
  4. Enthusiastically learn and understand the Frazer software program.
  5. Become extremely knowledgeable about the used car business so you can relate to the questions and concerns of our customers.
  6. Are very comfortable with talking to any and all customers.
Frazer Customer Service
It’s true – it’s true. There is a lot to learn here at Frazer. Our most successful customer service techs spend their time continuously developing their knowledge of technology, the used car industry and the Frazer software since there is an unlimited amount of information to be gained.

Our customers are friendly, patient folks who are a pleasure to work with. Our customer service reps provide high-level, detail-oriented support and show respect towards all customers. These professional attributes are part of Frazer's overall DNA.

The customer service position at Frazer Computing is a critical component of our company. It is vital to our recipe for success and integral to our Frazer team.

Frazer Software Developer
Software Developer
Outstanding product development is essential to Frazer’s overall success. Our software development team not only embodies the characteristics we seek in Customer Service, they have a blend of ingenuity, creativity, intellect, and zest.  They love a challenge and are self-directed when learning new techniques, languages, and tools to produce the best possible product. In this case, the product is powerful desktop-based software for used car dealers nationwide.

Technologies used in development at Frazer include:
  1. Clarion
  2. React
  3. Go
  4. PHP
  5. HTML
  6. PostgreSQL
  7. NoSQL databases

Like the customer service position, software development is a critical component of our company and our recipe for success. 

The Frazer Way

Used Car Dealership
The Frazer Way is the formula for our culture at Frazer, describing What We Do, Who We Serve as a business, our Recipe for Success, and The Fundamentals of our day-to-day work.

What We Do

We provide full featured, affordable software that is easy to use, completely reliable and is backed up with exceptional customer support. We develop, sell, and support this software which is designed to make it easier and more profitable to operate an independent used car dealership.

Who Do We Serve?

Independent Used Car Dealers! A dealer often has no computer tech to call, or auto dealer accountant to call, or is unaware of some of the resources out there that can help them out. Our software and support can fill that need. It is very important to our customers to have one phone number to call to get questions answered as expertly as possible.

Recipe for Success
  • Training and staff development are ongoing and an important part of our workweek.
  • We employ smart, positive people. 
  • Our products are priced affordably.
  • We always put the customer first, and help them regardless of their need.
  • We show respect for the company and our fellow workers. 
  • We aren’t in a hurry. We strive for steady, inexorable improvement as we continually refine the process. 
  • We answer the phone. 
  • Everybody that answers the phone can handle any call. 

The Fundamentals

  • Work with the assumption that people are good, fair, and honest.
    • We believe that people genuinely want to do the right thing. Kindness brings more kindness. Trust brings more trust.
  • Become all you are capable of becoming.
    • Take pride in the quality of your work. Experience contentment – a state of happiness and satisfaction.
  • Let your professionalism be part of everything you do.
    • Practice A+ ness as a way of life. Make everything you do worthy of an A+.
  • Do what's best for the customer.
    • In all situations, act in the best interests of our customer. Our customers can ask us anything, on any subject, and get our best answer. Our reputation for integrity is one of our greatest assets.
  • Set and ask for expectations.
    • We are judged not by what we do, but by how what we do compares to what was expected. Learn to create mutually understood expectations in every situation.
  • Create a feeling of warmth and friendliness in every interaction.
  • Communicate to be understood.
    • Know your audience. Write and speak in a way that they can understand. Use the simplest possible explanation.
  • Keep things fun.
    • For your colleagues, our customers, and yourself!
  • Be punctual.
    • How you relate to time sends a message about how you relate to other commitments. Punctuality is a sign of respect to others.
  • Respect our customers, our competitors, and our industry.
    • Never say a bad word about a customer, competitor, or used car dealers as a group.

The Office

Careers at Frazer
Frazer offices are designed with comfort, openness, communication, and teamwork in mind.

Employee desks are custom-made on-site with the option to sit or stand. Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to one's health and well-being, so we provide desks suited to individual height and preference, keeping ergonomics in mind.

Every employee has three-monitors on which to conduct their work. Because so much of what we do involves keeping track of many things at once, this is essential for multitasking successfully.

A main staple of our decor is the artwork or photographs selected by each employee and displayed on our walls. These pictures display the diversity of interests brought to us by each person we hire here and gives our space a lot of personality.

In addition to creating a warm environment, Frazer provides complimentary coffee throughout the day (including espresso!), a tea selection, a snack station consisting of assorted nuts and fruits, monthly company-provided lunches catered by local restaurants, and we have a weekly barbecue throughout the summer! A pavilion is available for employees to enjoy lunch in the fresh air during our warm weather months.

Our Team

Frazer Computing Employee
An important ingredient in the Frazer Recipe for Success is that we hire smart, positive people. And we do!

Every member of the Frazer team brings a unique set of strengths, skills, and experience, but they also bring above-average mathematical, verbal, and technical skills. We employ those who not only have backgrounds in dealerships and computer science, but who have experience in accounting, customer service, sales, teaching, social work, culinary arts, construction, physics, biology, coaching, and music. Each team member has the drive to learn about our industry and our customers, and the motivation to think outside the box to troubleshoot any puzzle that comes their way.

All of these skills contribute to our ability to provide an outstanding product and exceptional customer service to our dealers. The Frazer Team is what makes our product great!

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