You asked and we delivered! Frazer's forms printing has a fabulous new feature: Form Packs! 

With a custom form pack, you pick the forms you want, give the pack a name and when you pick that pack, only the forms in the pack will print.

Load the latest Frazer update to get your hands on this new feature.




Recalls have been making headlines recently.  Have you checked your inventory for any new recalls? Sounds like a ton of work, right? 

Actually  with Frazer, checking for recalls is easy. Frazer has a check for recalls button on the vehicle information screen.


Wrap up 2016 with a suite of Year End Reports!  Frazer has a complete set of Year End Reports available at the push of a button. Dealer Tested - Accountant Approved, these reports can help you review your sales, costs, profits and inventory.  Find them under the Accounting or Reports tab at the top of your Frazer, and you and your accountant can have a Happy New Year!


With Frazer's multiple search options for your customers, prospects and co-buyers, finding the right account quickly and easily has never been easier!

Whether you search by sale date, name, phone number, or by the vehicle, make, model or VIN, Frazer makes it easy to find the customer you're looking for.