Using our vehicle upload to Dropzone Tech allows you access to their Bulkcaster service which will automatically post your vehicles to Craigslist with just a push of a button!

This is a great way to get all of your vehicles on Craigslist in bulk.

New Report


Frazer Computing, Inc


We've added the ability to print off a Trial Balance Report.

This report lets you see a breakdown of the beginning and ending balances in each account in your Chart of Accounts for a certain date range. Perfect for year end tax time!

Find the Trial Balance report in Frazer under R-4-8.


We've updated our Alabama Bill of Sale to include your full business name, Regulatory License Number, and other required items as detailed at the recent Alabama IADA convention.

Update to the latest version of Frazer to see the full list of changes and get the newest version!


Frazer has added a white paper retail installment contract, and a spot delivery form for dealers in Arkansas.

Add these forms to your forms library by loading the latest Frazer Update.


Frazer is pleased to release a new Massachusetts white paper Retail Installment Contract and updated Motor Vehicle Purchase Contract for your forms printing library.

To view these forms, and for more information about these changes, load the latest Frazer Update.

Ducks in a row


Frazer Computing, Inc


Legal forms like a Bill of Sale and Retail Installment Contract that print on plain white paper are included in the price of a Frazer subscription for most states. 

There's a lot to like about Frazer!