Upload inventory and vehicle information directly to AutoMobile Technologies through Frazer and start taking control of your dealership's reconditioning process.

AutoMobile Technologies features the mobile dealership software ReconMonitor, which allows tracking of vendor and employee tasks and provides automatic alerts if the reconditioning process falls behind schedule, among many other industry solutions.


We are pleased to announce that Frazer dealers can now send inventory from Frazer directly to CarNow.

CarNow delivers your inventory in an easy to use environment so agents and customers can have a conversation about live inventory.


The Review Changes to Cash in Bank (A-C) window of Frazer has been redesigned and reformatted to load faster and now features more filtering, sorting and searching options.

New additions include date range fields, buttons to quickly display activity for last 30, 60, 90 or 120 days, and the ability to search by check number range.

Options to display only checks, ACH transactions or manual posts to the checking account have also been added to the window.

Simply load the latest Frazer update to enable these new features in your system.

A full list of recent updates to Frazer is available here.