Frazer has partnered with Mid-Atlantic Finance Company to offer dealers in most states the opportunity to quickly secure funding for outside financing sales directly through the software.

In order to enable the integration, start by signing up for a Mid-Atlantic Flex account here or by calling 1-855-MAF-FLEX.

Once the signup process with Mid-Atlantic Finance is complete, enter your provided CMS/Dealer ID by navigating to the Sales drop-down menu at the top of Frazer and selecting J - Financing Providers followed by M  - Mid-Atlantic Finance (S-J-M).

To submit a prospect to Mid-Atlantic Finance, simply click the Funding or Finance This Deal! button on the Sales Processing window with Outside Financing selected as the Type of Sale.

After clicking the Mid-Atlantic Finance button, a financing offer or reason for declining will be returned within seconds.

Please note that the integration is only available in the following states: AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MS, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WV, WY.


Dealers can now automatically import inventory photos, pricing and information to Auto Round-Up, Auto Trakk and Carvant Financial through Frazer's Vehicle Uploads..

Focusing on classic automobiles, Auto Round-Up features online vehicle listings to showcase your inventory in front of an enthusiastic market of buyers, collectors and hobbyists..

Auto Round-Up Publications has also sold nearly a billion copies of classic automobile magazines since 1974..

Auto Trakk offers leasing options for individuals with moderate to severe credit and is currently available for dealers in Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia..

Carvant Financial provides financing for consumers with less than perfect credit through approval based programs beneficial to both dealers and customers..

The program's current market includes Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Jew Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia..

Don't forget to load the latest Frazer update to ensure your system remains up-to-date with the most recent changes.


Several new video tutorials have recently been added to the FrazerHelp YouTube channel.

Aside from the above tutorial on Printing Forms, updated tutorials for entering Buy Here Pay Here and Cash sales are also available.

Don't forget to subscribe to FrazerHelp on YouTube to be automatically notified when new tutorials are posted.


SpinCar is now available through Frazer's Vehicle Uploads (V-8).

Sporting one of the industry's most advanced digital marketing platforms, SpinCar uses 360-degree display WalkAround technology to provide online shoppers with a unique virtual showroom experience.

The platform also offers virtual interior and exterior tours that include touchable hotspots to allow detailed viewing of key vehicle features.

Real-time capturing of precise vehicle and feature interaction data enables dealers to personalize consumer communication based on the specific needs and interests of individual shoppers.


A report to to quickly display historical sales totals by month is now available through Frazer's Sales Reporting options (R-2-K).

Designed to help guide inventory purchasing, marketing strategies and much more, the Sales By Month report displays monthly totals for any combination of Cash, Wholesale, Buy Here Pay Here and Outside Financing sales, along with Purchased Accounts.

A convenient checkbox to print historical monthly totals for each selected sale type on a separate page is also available.


An interactive Help Menu is now available from the Customer Activity window within Frazer.
Located in the bottom, left-hand corner of the window while accessing a customer's account, the Help Menu provides quick instructions for common questions like how to edit or cancel a sale, add a repairs balance, change the sale price and more.

Instructions can also be printed to provide quick reference while learning the basics of Frazer or bringing new employees up to speed on the software.

Still looking to learn more about what Frazer can do for your dealership? Visit our online Help Manual or FrazerHelp YouTube channel.



Frazer users now have the option to upload inventory directly to ConvertIT by Vehicle Retail Solutions.

ConvertIT offers an integrated digital suite that engages potential prospects with vehicle prices, details and finance options to deliver pre-qualified prospects to your dealership.

The program is also 100% performance-based, so you only pay for leads generated by ConvertIT with no monthly minimum or long-term contract. 


Frazer has partnered with Get My Auto to help dealerships expand their online footprint, capture more leads and ultimately close more sales.

Get My Auto uses nnovative technology to bring buyers and sellers together through solutions such as dealer websites, Craiglist posting, Facebook advertising and much more.

Inventory listings and vehicle photos can be automatically sent to Get My Auto daily through Frazer's Vehicle Uploads feature.


Streamline your titling and lien release processes through Frazer integration with Premier eTitleLien.

Dealers must enroll with Premier eTitleLien before activating the integration, which is currently available in states that offer ELT services.

Once your dealership is enrolled, clicking the ELT button located in the Print Forms window of Frazer will quickly and simply transfer customer and vehicle information to Premier eTitleLien.


Always looking for ways to improve the appearance of your online inventory to attract more potential customers and boost sales?

Frazer now enables you to crop vehicle photos directly through the software to quickly and conveniently refine the images before they hit the web.

To get started, navigate to the Photos tab of any vehicle, click the View Larger button or double-click the thumbnail of the image you would to edit, then click the Crop button and use your cursor to crop the photo accordingly.


Glenview Auto Finance has been added to Frazer's Upload to Finance Company feature (C-8) to provide dealers with another option to conveniently sell Buy Here Pay Here contracts and meet cash flow needs.

Glenview Auto Finance allows dealers to continue servicing the accounts in order to provide great customer service and maintain relationships.

Frazer will also automatically upload a daily file to ensure customer account information remains current.


Textmaxx Pro is now integrated with Frazer to enable sending text messages to customers from your existing dealership landline or toll-free number directly through the software.

The opt-in process is compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and available features include convenient batch texting, personalized customer interaction and account messaging.

Click here to view pricing and sign up with Textmaxx Pro.


State-specific Bills of Sale have been added to Idaho, Maine, Delaware, South Dakota and Vermont Frazer systems and will replace the generic Bill of Sale (FZ-BOS) in these states.

Frazer now offers state-specific Bills of Sale/Buyer's Orders in 43 states and more are currently in the works.

The option to show the down payment as balance due on these forms is also now available in every state to help your customers secure their own financing and bring you a check.

Click here for a full list of recent updates to Frazer.


A new and improved version of Frazer Client specifically designed to alleviate issues often caused by Windows 10 updates has been released.

The updated version can be installed using the Install Frazer Client button at or by calling 888-963-5369 to have a member of our support team remotely connect and install for you.

Not familiar with Frazer Client? The program is used to allow workstations (secondary computers) to access Frazer through your network at no additional cost!


Take the guesswork out of selling your Buy Here Pay Here accounts to finance companies through Frazer's newly enhanced integration with AGORA Data.

Available through Frazer's Finance Company Uploads (C-8), the integration will automatically send active account information to AGORA daily for easy management, processing, and bidding by finance companies through the AGORA portal.

Call Frazer support at 888-963-5369 to activate the integration.


Dealers now have the option to automatically upload inventory to Auto Financial Group through Frazer's Vehicle Uploads.

Auto Financial Group provides a user-friendly, web-based calculator to conveniently offer low payment financing options to potential customers, among other industry solutions.

Frazer is currently integrated with over 140 website and vehicle marketing companies to help your business grow.


Turn your Buy Here Pay Here notes into cash by uploading customer and account information to Auto Capital Express directly through Frazer.

To get started, navigate to Upload to Finance Company on the Customers drop-down menu (C-8) within Frazer and enable the upload to Auto Capital Express.

After the upload is processed and Auto Capital Express receives the data file, a purchase offer will be generated and emailed to your dealership.


Frazer has integrated with SVR Tracking to provide another option for GPS tracking of customer vehicles directly through the software.

SVR Tracking offers continuous vehicle tracking updated every two minutes when moving, stop verification to determine potential vehicle locations, and much more.

Eight GPS companies are now integrated with Frazer!


The Review Changes to Cash in Bank (A-C) window of Frazer has been redesigned and reformatted to load faster and now features more filtering, sorting and searching options.

New additions include date range fields, buttons to quickly display activity for last 30, 60, 90 or 120 days, and the ability to search by check number range.

Options to display only checks, ACH transactions or manual posts to the checking account have also been added to the window.

Simply load the latest Frazer update to enable these new features in your system.

A full list of recent updates to Frazer is available here.


We are pleased to announce that Frazer dealers can now send inventory from Frazer directly to CarNow.

CarNow delivers your inventory in an easy to use environment so agents and customers can have a conversation about live inventory.


Upload inventory and vehicle information directly to AutoMobile Technologies through Frazer and start taking control of your dealership's reconditioning process.

AutoMobile Technologies features the mobile dealership software ReconMonitor, which allows tracking of vendor and employee tasks and provides automatic alerts if the reconditioning process falls behind schedule, among many other industry solutions.


Adding vehicle photos to Frazer from a mobile device? Improvements have been made to ensure photos respect the original orientation and appear rotated correctly within Frazer and when uploaded online.

Other new enhancements to the Photos tab include easier moving and reordering of selected photos as well as smoother navigation between pages.

Frazer has also expanded the number of custom upload options available within Vehicle Uploads (V-8) to help you easily and automatically send vehicle information and photos to your dealership's website and other online locations.

Simply load the latest Frazer update to get started.


Users now have the option to upload inventory and sales information directly to Dealer Insights through Frazer's Vehicle Uploads.

Dealer Insights offers a comprehensive and agile business intelligence platform for car dealers, including side-by-side comparisons of vendors and digital mediums to guide marketing strategies, website visitor tracking to increase lead conversions, and monitoring of online reviews to help improve your digital reputation.

Learn more about Dealer Insights and watch an introductory video here.


ProMotiveCar by ProMotive Auto Brokers is now available as a free option within Frazer's Vehicle Uploads.

Consisting of a group of experienced buyers and sellers, ProMotive Auto Brokers helps users sell vehicles on their own without paying any additional fees.

To view all the free inventory uploads offered through Frazer, check the Free Uploads box located at the top-right corner of the Vehicle Uploads setup window (V-8).


A military status check has been added to Frazer to ensure users remain compliant with recent amendments regarding the Department of Defense's interpretation of the Military Lending Act (MLA).

Attorneys have also recommended not offering GAP or credit insurance products to customers covered by Active Duty military protections unless required by the state.

The Military Deal button on the Customer tab of the Sales Processing window can apply these protections to customers and also includes a link for military status verification.


Frazer has integrated with EZDealerTag to allow Tennessee dealers the option to quickly print temp tags electronically through the state's Dealer Drive-Out Temporary Tag Program.

Deal info can be submitted to EZDealerTag using the Print Temp Tag button at the bottom of the Print Forms window within Frazer.

The EZDealerTag website can then be opened with the quick click of another button to complete the printing process.

A brief video tutorial covering how to sign up with EZDealerTag is available here.


Upload inventory and photos directly from Frazer to Dealers United to get your vehicles in front of in-market shoppers on Facebook, Craigslist, Google and more.

Dealers United also offers the creation of customized, high quality videos of the models your dealership sells, pay per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and various other marketing solutions.

Click here to sign up and join a group of 6,500 dealers nationwide today.


Dealers now have the ability to upload inventory to DealerSync directly from Frazer. DealerSync specializes in real-time inventory management, responsive websites, market analysis tools, search engine optimization (SEO) and lead generation to increase online visibility and boost sales.

Websites powered by DealerSync are fully customizable and optimized for clean formatting and fast speeds across all browsers, platforms and devices.

DealerSync Mobile is available for Android devices through Google Play and Apple devices through the App Store.

Load the latest Frazer version update to implement uploading to DealerSync.


Several new video tutorials have recently been added to the FrazerHelp YouTube channel.

Aside from the above tutorial on Printing Forms, updated tutorials for entering Buy Here Pay Here and Cash sales are also available.

Don't forget to subscribe to FrazerHelp on YouTube to be automatically notified when new tutorials are posted.


Frazer users now have the option to upload inventory directly to ConvertIT by Vehicle Retail Solutions.

ConvertIT offers an integrated digital suite that engages potential prospects with vehicle prices, details and finance options to deliver pre-qualified prospects to your dealership.

The program is also 100% performance-based, so you only pay for leads generated by ConvertIT with no monthly minimum or long-term contract.


Happy New Year from Frazer!

The new year will bring many changes to industry laws and regulations across various states.

Ensure your dealership remains current with the latest changes by keeping your Frazer system regularly updated.

Simply navigate to the Updates menu at the top of Frazer and click Load Latest Frazer Update to begin .

A new version of Frazer is released every week and updating your system on a weekly basis is strongly recommended.


Frazer's built-in letter editor is a great way to continue to build positive rapport with customers during the holidays and ahead of the upcoming tax season.

Seven default letters are included in your Frazer system, all of which are fully editable and available to print or copy for use as a template when creating a new letter.

Get started creating and printing letters by navigating to option 2   Letters and Labels on the Customers drop-down menu within Frazer.

The right side of the letter editor screen lists categories and items that can be added to letters through easy-to-use codes, and the correct information is then automatically populated when a customer is selected and a letter is printed.

Label and envelope printing are also available through Frazer's Letters and Labels.


Buying back a customer through recourse? Frazer has simplified the process with the addition of a Recourse Buy Back function.

Navigate to option 9 - Recourse Buy Back on the Customers drop-down menu at the top of Frazer to get started. Outside financed customers and customers sold to a finance company are available to select for recourse buy backs.

Information regarding the customer's current contract status and the cost and date of the buy back can then be quickly entered before completing the recourse buy back.

After the recourse buy back is completed, Frazer will create a new customer account for the recourse customer with an "R" added to the original stock number.

The sale type in customer activity will then be displayed as a Recourse Buy Back.

Click here for detailed instructions in Frazer's online Help Manual.


With the holiday season and end of 2017 quickly approaching, it's a great time to get a head start on closing out the business year.

Frazer s recommended year end reports are accessible through accounting reports (R-4-4) and can be run simultaneously for quick access and easy printing.

Accounting data from Frazer can also be conveniently transferred to QuickBooks. A YouTube tutorial is available.

Feeling a little overwhelmed with accounting data? Contact Frazer support at 888-963-5369 and mention Starting Accounting for help from our accounting team.


Frazer has partnered with Solutions by Text to offer dealers the ability to send and receive unlimited text messages with customers directly through the Frazer DMS.

Texting has emerged as the preferred method of communication for payment reminders, past due notifications, customer service and much more.

Solutions by Text features a flexible texting engine that allows the delivery of messages at the right time while remaining fully compliant and improving the customer experience.

Unlimited texting is available for only $29 per month with promo code FRAZER29.

Call Solutions by Text at 800-979-1212 to get started.


Automate your social media posting by uploading inventory directly to SocialClique by Youtily through Frazer.

SocialClique automatically posts high quality automotive content and inventory updates to connected social media profiles, including Facebook and Twitter.

All content posted by SocialClique is completely white-labelled to organically reach your followers and can be posted at any frequency, although one post per day is generally recommended.

A convenient mobile app and demo are also available.


Flooding from the recent hurricane season will result in an increased number of flood-damaged vehicles hitting the market.

Ensure your dealership is prepared for the influx by reviewing vehicle history reports through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), which can be accessed within Frazer through a partnership with Auto Data Direct.

NMVTIS is a federal database containing information reported by all states, insurance providers, junk yards and salvage auctions.

Enter promotion code FRAZER when signing up to waive the activation fee.


The report preview window within Frazer has been updated and is now equipped with a more user-friendly interface and sharper look.

Reports can also now be saved as PDF files and the automatically generated file name will conveniently include the report path, name, date and time. For example, a Sales Totals report run at 9:45 a.m. would automatically generate the file name R-2-1 (Company Sales Totals) 2017-10-12 0945.pdf for quick saving and easy reference.

The file names will remain fully editable to suit your preferences.

Simply load the latest Frazer version update to begin using the enhanced report preview and other new features recently added to Frazer.


Frazer users now have the ability to upload inventory directly to ShiftPoint.

ShiftPoint aims to modernize your dealership's web presence by utilizing a fully responsive design to ensure a positive user experience across various devices.

Logo watermarks can also be added to vehicle photos to increase brand awareness and visibility.

Information can also be accessed and from mobile devices, allowing you to update and add inventory and costs, enter and edit contact information for prospects, and review valuable statistics while on the road or at the auction.

Get started with ShiftPoint by requesting a free demo.


Frazer white paper Retail Installment Contracts for Missouri (FZ-MO-RIC), Oklahoma (FZ-OK-RIC) and Indiana (FZ-IN-RIC) were recently revised to remain compliant with current state regulations.

The Indiana Bill of Sale (FZ-IN-BOS) and Missouri Buyer's Order (FZ-MO-BOS) have also been updated.

Load the latest Frazer update to ensure your system is printing the recent revisions.


The process of adding photos to Frazer has been upgraded to further enhance inventory uploads and boost your dealership's online presence. Photos uploaded through Frazer will now have a higher quality resolution of 1024 x 768 and upload at a faster rate.

Adding photos to Frazer allows you to send photos to many different websites through a convenient and automated process.

Load the latest Frazer update to enable the enhanced photos in your system.


Frazer now fully supports printing directly to a receipt printer!

The Epson TM-T20II is the recommend receipt printer and can be purchased through Amazon, along with the correct receipt paper.

After loading the latest Frazer update, simply navigate to Payment Options within System Options to view the customization settings for Advanced Receipts and enable the new style.  The option to continue using Classic Receipts is also available.

Receipts emailed through Frazer will now be encrypted to remain compliant with the FTC's Safeguards Rule.

Please contact Frazer support at 888-963-5369 with any questions.


Frazer users now have the ability to upload inventory directly to DealerCue.

Using real-time industry data from local markets, DealerCue's VinCue app provides retail and wholesale vehicle values, projected profit margins, average reconditioning costs and more.

The RevCue tool simplifies the process of creating a custom branded website, while BidCue uses current market data to efficiently guide your auction purchasing based on industry trends and customer preferences.

DealerCue's recall management solution TurnCue conveniently stores recall data in one convenient database and can also enable recall data to be viewed within BidCue.

Many of DealerCue's tools are available in mobile friendly apps that automatically sync data with the desktop versions.


Frazer has partnered with Vantage Finance to offer dealers the opportunity to connect with a spectrum of lenders.

Vantage Finance is a virtual finance company that connects independent auto dealerships with lenders such as Gateway One, Wells Fargo, American National Bank, Westlake and more.

Acting as your dealership's F&I department, Vantage will review the application materials and conduct an interview, prepare all required forms, and sell back-end products directly to your customers.

Submitting applications is free and Vantage will charge Frazer users a discounted fee per funded contract while also sharing profits from the sales of back-end products. 

The integration is accessible through the Finance This Deal! button on the Sales Processing window within Frazer... 

Sign up with Vantage today 


South Carolina dealers now have the ability to process Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) Services directly from Frazer through Auto Data Direct.

The feature is accessible through the ELT button in your Print Forms window.

ELT became mandatory for any South Carolina business that finances vehicles, vessels or mobile homes beginning in February and all lenders must comply by August 1, 2017.

Auto Data Direct is the CIADA exclusive partner for ELT services.

Load the latest Frazer update to access the new integration.


Uploading inventory directly to AutoSweet from Frazer allows you the ability to automatically post to Craigslist, BackPage, YouTube and Facebook.

The fully automated process eliminates the need to monitor postings to each individual website and leaves you more time to follow up on high quality leads.

AutoSweet's single invoice billing for SweetClassified conveniently combines charges for all postings into a single monthly payment.

A complete marketing and management solution including an easy-to-use interface is also available through AutoSweet's Inventory Marketing Hub.

Load the latest Frazer version update to enable uploading to AutoSweet.


Frazer has partnered with Naked Lime Marketing to offer dealers a direct integration with a full-service marketing, advertising and web service company dedicated to improving a dealership's digital visibility and reputation management.

Inventory can be uploaded directly from Frazer to Naked Lime's Adaptive Web Design (AWD) platform, which is fully customizable across a variety of electronic devices.

Naked Lime also offers expert advertising through Google Display Network, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as 24/7 monitoring of consumer commentary, negative comment notification and much more.

Learn more about Naked Lime on YouTube.


Frazer users can now automatically upload inventory and sales information to WebBuy through Vehicle Uploads (V-8).

WebBuy empowers customers to secure financing offers from national banks and captive lenders and potentially complete the car-buying process completely online in under 30 minutes. Paperwork is then simply finalized at the dealership to complete the sale.

Best of all, WebBuy is free to use for both dealers and customers!


Frazer users can now automatically upload inventory and sales information to WebBuy through Vehicle Uploads (V-8).

WebBuy empowers customers to secure financing offers from national banks and captive lenders and potentially complete the car-buying process completely online in under 30 minutes. Paperwork is then simply finalized at the dealership to complete the sale.

Best of all, WebBuy is free to use for both dealers and customers!


Online registration and titling through Vitu is now available for Frazer users in California, Illinois, Oregon and Virginia.

To access the integration within Frazer, simply click the Online Registration button located in the Print Forms window, followed by the Vitu button.

Click here for a list of other recent updates to Frazer.