Dealers can now automatically import inventory photos, pricing and information to Auto Round-Up, Auto Trakk and Carvant Financial through Frazer's Vehicle Uploads..

Focusing on classic automobiles, Auto Round-Up features online vehicle listings to showcase your inventory in front of an enthusiastic market of buyers, collectors and hobbyists..

Auto Round-Up Publications has also sold nearly a billion copies of classic automobile magazines since 1974..

Auto Trakk offers leasing options for individuals with moderate to severe credit and is currently available for dealers in Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia..

Carvant Financial provides financing for consumers with less than perfect credit through approval based programs beneficial to both dealers and customers..

The program's current market includes Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Jew Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia..

Don't forget to load the latest Frazer update to ensure your system remains up-to-date with the most recent changes.


Several new video tutorials have recently been added to the FrazerHelp YouTube channel.

Aside from the above tutorial on Printing Forms, updated tutorials for entering Buy Here Pay Here and Cash sales are also available.

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Enrolling in SiriusXM's Pre-Owned program now will give you the chance to win a trip to Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Frazer's free integration with SiriusXM allows you to activate the service for inventory vehicles to showcase during test drives directly through the software and send your customers off with a free 90-day trial when the sale is completed.

Official rules are available here.


An interactive Help Menu is now available from the Customer Activity window within Frazer.
Located in the bottom, left-hand corner of the window while accessing a customer's account, the Help Menu provides quick instructions for common questions like how to edit or cancel a sale, add a repairs balance, change the sale price and more.

Instructions can also be printed to provide quick reference while learning the basics of Frazer or bringing new employees up to speed on the software.

Still looking to learn more about what Frazer can do for your dealership? Visit our online Help Manual or FrazerHelp YouTube channel.


Always looking for ways to improve the appearance of your online inventory to attract more potential customers and boost sales?

Frazer now enables you to crop vehicle photos directly through the software to quickly and conveniently refine the images before they hit the web.

To get started, navigate to the Photos tab of any vehicle, click the View Larger button or double-click the thumbnail of the image you would to edit, then click the Crop button and use your cursor to crop the photo accordingly.


A new and improved version of Frazer Client specifically designed to alleviate issues often caused by Windows 10 updates has been released.

The updated version can be installed using the Install Frazer Client button at or by calling 888-963-5369 to have a member of our support team remotely connect and install for you.

Not familiar with Frazer Client? The program is used to allow workstations (secondary computers) to access Frazer through your network at no additional cost!


Adding vehicle photos to Frazer from a mobile device? Improvements have been made to ensure photos respect the original orientation and appear rotated correctly within Frazer and when uploaded online.

Other new enhancements to the Photos tab include easier moving and reordering of selected photos as well as smoother navigation between pages.

Frazer has also expanded the number of custom upload options available within Vehicle Uploads (V-8) to help you easily and automatically send vehicle information and photos to your dealership's website and other online locations.

Simply load the latest Frazer update to get started.


Click here for your chance to win a trip to Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis sponsored by SiriusXM.

More information about Frazer's integration with SiriusXM is available here.


Flooding from the recent hurricane season will result in an increased number of flood-damaged vehicles hitting the market.

Ensure your dealership is prepared for the influx by reviewing vehicle history reports through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), which can be accessed within Frazer through a partnership with Auto Data Direct.

NMVTIS is a federal database containing information reported by all states, insurance providers, junk yards and salvage auctions.

Enter promotion code FRAZER when signing up to waive the activation fee.


The report preview window within Frazer has been updated and is now equipped with a more user-friendly interface and sharper look.

Reports can also now be saved as PDF files and the automatically generated file name will conveniently include the report path, name, date and time. For example, a Sales Totals report run at 9:45 a.m. would automatically generate the file name R-2-1 (Company Sales Totals) 2017-10-12 0945.pdf for quick saving and easy reference.

The file names will remain fully editable to suit your preferences.

Simply load the latest Frazer version update to begin using the enhanced report preview and other new features recently added to Frazer.