Paying for reconditioning and added costs using an assortment of different accounts?

Frazer now accommodates up to 25 accounts to choose from when entering vehicle added costs.

More available accounts can be enabled by clicking the Advanced Options button on the Accounting tab of System Options (M-1-8).


The Review Changes to Cash in Bank (A-C) window of Frazer has been redesigned and reformatted to load faster and now features more filtering, sorting and searching options.

New additions include date range fields, buttons to quickly display activity for last 30, 60, 90 or 120 days, and the ability to search by check number range.

Options to display only checks, ACH transactions or manual posts to the checking account have also been added to the window.

Simply load the latest Frazer update to enable these new features in your system.

A full list of recent updates to Frazer is available here.


Buying back a customer through recourse? Frazer has simplified the process with the addition of a Recourse Buy Back function.

Navigate to option 9 - Recourse Buy Back on the Customers drop-down menu at the top of Frazer to get started. Outside financed customers and customers sold to a finance company are available to select for recourse buy backs.

Information regarding the customer's current contract status and the cost and date of the buy back can then be quickly entered before completing the recourse buy back.

After the recourse buy back is completed, Frazer will create a new customer account for the recourse customer with an "R" added to the original stock number.

The sale type in customer activity will then be displayed as a Recourse Buy Back.

Click here for detailed instructions in Frazer's online Help Manual.


With the holiday season and end of 2017 quickly approaching, it's a great time to get a head start on closing out the business year.

Frazer s recommended year end reports are accessible through accounting reports (R-4-4) and can be run simultaneously for quick access and easy printing.

Accounting data from Frazer can also be conveniently transferred to QuickBooks. A YouTube tutorial is available.

Feeling a little overwhelmed with accounting data? Contact Frazer support at 888-963-5369 and mention Starting Accounting for help from our accounting team.